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This weeks Surf Report:Brevard County has been getting waves since Sunday. Hopefully you are getting some of the Florence goods.

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Biggest NorEaster in years

Pete here, long time since I've posted here and not sure if anyone even still lurks on this dinasour site but at one time it was a great resource for waves. Anyhoo couldn't  help but notice this event showing up on the maps. It started out over a week ago and looked good on paper (models) and decided to give My bro Rod still living in Fla land a heads up. Now being only a few days away this swell event is coming to fruition and will be one of the strongest events in recent years . We are talking about 15 ft at 15 seconds very possible on the buoys. Really almost too much for most spots in Florida but there will be windows of opportunity . Thats where I will try to help . 

   The Noreaster pulls off the NE/DelMarva coast Saturday  then By Sunday the center stalls around 36 North and 62 West . Whats really impressive is the strength 50-60knts winds stretched out over a really huge fetch thats elongated and fairly stationary. Its more like a Pacific low than an Eastern Atlantic low. This fetch will begin producing windwaves Saturday  transitioning to deep water swell on Sunday. The peak of the swell is on Monday with easy 15 ft or bigger swell reading on the outer Canaveral buoys. The captured fetch should make for some serious energy out there. Initial Swell component will have alot of North so i really think this one has a good chance of making it to Dade co. Bummer thing is that the winds are forecast to be initially Northy shifting and clocking around to SE then SW by Tuesday in advance of an approaching front . Wed winds offshore most places all day, Thursday am might be clean and with diminishing swell , might be ridable in more areas. Wins probably shifting back to onshore by PM Thursday. left overs Friday . If you ask me late Tuesday maybe a risky but good call for size , Wed a good bet but will still probably need the deep water spots , Thursday opens up more spots but diminishing surf. Leftovers Friday. Late Sunday /early Monday a good idea to check if any action down South. Wish i could be there for this event. Pacific has been very slow lately . In fact its been one of the slowest years since i moved out here 8 years ago. Happy hunting .

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Two weeks ago my family and I sold our house, packed up the cars and have moved to New Hampshire- the plan was in the works for a year and not related to the storm. So to all my many incrediable friends I want to say, as you know, Irma is nothing to triffel with but as we all know the hype is hardly ever what turns out but people in Texas thought the same thing and for some it became a nasty reality. Remember Whilma? It was a crappy, fast moving (25 mph) hurricane when it got to Miami with one small quadrant of cat 3 winds but it left the city in a hot mess. Irma is no Whilma-it is far worse and the current tract will mean you will not be able to get gas or supplies for up to 300 miles-yeah y'all laugh at my prius now!!

All I'm saying is this storm is big and very strong-very strong so to all the tribe: be smart, be safe and be cool. Thanks Miami-we love you -it's where our children were born and raised and where we had much success and made so many remarkable friends.

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The surf has been minimal & very bad, with tropical storm Emily it's all about to change!

Stay tuned for a Cultura Profetica ticket giveaway!

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