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Currently, it's 10:36 pm Wed May 25 2016 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Forecast bradswells

Surf Forecast 2-9-2015 (Courtesy ThankYouSurfing.com)

Florida Forecast


The forecast for this week is pretty tricky due to the number of features impacting our area. Tuesday, watch for increasing North swell. The buoys upcoast should start picking up energy all day and through the evening peaking in very early Wednesday morning at nearly 8 feet at 8 seconds from almost straight north. The incoming swell then will start to turn more NE’ly and the period will increase to about 12 seconds as the low’s ground swell begins arriving. This longer period energy will top out in the 8-10 foot range on Thursday afternoon and slowly fade in to the weekend. The next cold front arrives right around the time the ground swell starts to peak, with a North windswell growing in it’s wake. This next hard-tilt North swell will hit at about 8 feet at 8-9 seconds, making it potentially better than the one earlier in the week. All in all, a lot of waves, with a great chance of seeing waves way down in to Broward and Miami-Dade. Palm Beach north will be biggest, especially during the NE ground swell.

Tuesday: Flat to perhaps a small bump arriving before dark.

Wednesday: Looks good for increasing swell all day. Up to head high at stand out spots with offshore/side-offshore winds.

Thursday: Palm Beach County sees solid groundswell in the shoulder to overhead range with offshore winds. Broward and Palm Beach might see some of this action, though the direction looks more NE than N. The last time this set up occurred, the swell made it all the way down south. ***UPDATE 2/12/2015*** Swell has made it all the way down south. Broward and Dade seeing solid surf. Palm Beach solid overhead. The forecast was way under-called. East Canaveral Buoy topped out at 19' at 14 seconds!

Friday: Reinforcing shot of North swell gets filtered all the way down south, while Palm Beach and north sees a combo swell of NE and N swell. Up to head high down south, but bigger in PBC. Winds looks offshore/side-offshore again.***UPDATE 2/12/2015*** North swell not looking as big as initially forecast

Saturday: Very small down south, but still some nice leftovers in PBC. Up to shoulder high+ and fading.

Sunday: If the models prove correct, another bigger North swell to start building. Seriously? I hope so.

*NOTE* This forecast is subject to the timing/strength of the fronts. Things may slide a little bit back and trend bigger/smaller as we move from forecast to actual. That being said, looks like a good week to be a surfer in South Florida.

More info available on ThankYouSurfing 

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Surf Galleries from the last swell

Here are some great shots by my friend Oscar Socarras from South Beach - http://www.osocarras.com/sobe12914#h2800fc97

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from: Wed 25 May 16 10:00 pm
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 19838 hours old
Wed 25 May 16 09:00 pm
Wed 25 May 16 09:00 pm
Wed 25 May 16 09:00 pm
Wed 25 May 16 10:00 pm
Wed 25 May 16 10:00 pm
Wind ----NE (50)
@ 9.8 kt
NE (60)
@ 11.8 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
NE (50)
@ 13.1 kt
NE (50)
@ 17.2 kt
Atmp/SST ----78.1 F/79.5 F75.7 F/77.9 Fn/a F/80.6 Fn/a F/81.3 F79.2 F/82.9 F
Significant Waves --------3 ft @ 5 sec----
Wind Waves ----1.6 ft @ 4.3 sec2 ft @ 3.8 sec3 ft @ 4.8 sec----
Swell ----2 ft @ 9.1 sec3 ft @ 9.1 sec0.7 ft @ 11.1 sec----
from: 806 pm edt wed may 25 2016
Synopsis: .... a ridge of high pressure will remain over the southeastern united states tonight before weakening late this week. at the same time, a mid to upper level low should develop east of south florida. this will allow for somewhat drier conditions through thursday before showers and thunderstorms return to the area for late this week. .gulf stream hazards...elevated winds and seas are forecast overnight. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream is not currently available.
__/(__/(__/(__( rest of tonight thursday thursday night friday
windeast northeast 15 to 20 knotseast northeast 10 to 15 knotseast northeast 10 to 15 knotseast northeast around 10 knots
seas 2 to 4 ft 2 to 3 ft 2 to 4 ft 2 to 3 ft


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