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Currently, it's 3:36 am Wed Nov 26 2014 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Surf Forecast 12-5-2013

After a few weeks of rideable surf, we've hit a flat spell. Nothing on the horizon until late in to the weekend/early next week when SE winds are forecast to increase ahead of our next front. That front should be in North Florida sometime around next Thursday. Basically, we're in a period of stable, nice weather. No surf for now. Well... ok, maybe a rideable bump at the right tides if/when the winds blowing a bit.

Plenty of other stuff to do in Miami this week with Art Basel in town, and the holidays upcoming. Remember to shop small... Our local businesses rely on us. Show 'em some support, now and throughout the year. Dollars spent locally stay local and strengthen our entire economy/community!

Forecast bradswells

Surf Forecast 11-24-2013

Quick update for the forecast...

Light winds this morning will give way to very strong N, turning Ne winds this afternoon and evening. Monday should have some solid chop with maybe some underlying swell. As we head towards Tuesday, winds will clock more southerly, but maintain 20+. Looks good for a south windswell.

So, maybe some swell will filter down ahead of the winds Sunday, otherwise look for chop to build today and tomorrow. Later, winds go East, then ESE, eventually making it to south sometime Tuesday/ Weds. Waves should be around a bit.

Looking at a cleanup Upcoast on Weds, and then another cold front for Tgiving weekend.

Tons of waves...not much clean swell.

Forecast bradswells

Surf Forecast 11-21-2013

Conditions haven't been stellar in SoBe for the last couple of weeks, but we've had some ridable surf every few days. Yesterday afternoon even saw a brief period of glassy groundswell, albeit filled with big moon jellyfish. Sets were mostly in the thigh-high range, with a few sets pushing waist+. Flat by morning.

That last little swell was the product of a cold front that is currently stalled upcoast. Winds are hard east up above around Port St Lucie, and much lighter as you head south. That dividing line in the wind created some great conditions for the little swell that filtered south ahead of the front, from Palm Beaches down to SoBe.

Look for winds to come up a bit outta the east tonight and in to Friday. This will likely push us back in the rideable range, then dying out in to Saturday.

On Sunday, a strong cold front will start making its way south in to our area. Look for the front to pass on Monday, with increasing winds and waves. We could see a little swell from this front similar to the last, maybe on Sunday. Eventually as the front passes, winds turn NE and increase. Monday in to Tuesday should be some solid chop, in the waist to chest range.

Upcoast will be dealing with similar wind conditions, but with more swell under the chop. This Saturday could be fun with a leftover swell and dying winds ahead of the next front. Probably solid chest high to start the day...

Forecast bradswells

Surf Forecast 11-13-2013

Are you ready? Big, chunky chop on the way to SoBe!

If you haven't noticed, a cold front has moved through South Florida this morning. Strong high pressure building in behind the front will cause winds to increase out of the north, eventually turning east later in the week.

For waves, looks for rapidly building waves. I'd bet that it gets in to the waist plus range this afternoon/evening and then bigger in to tomorrow. Looks to stay in the plus-sized range until Friday then drop off a bit for the weekend. I'd bet it stays rideable, though. Maybe somewhere in the knee to thigh range for the weekend. Upcoast will be bigger, but blown out. Sunday may see the winds relax a bit upcoast with underlying swell, but it should still be onshore.

Should be fun out there with this size chop. See you out there!

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from: Tue 25 Nov 14 05:00 pm
Observation is 10 hours old
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 6716 hours old
Wed 26 Nov 14 02:00 am
Wed 26 Nov 14 02:00 am
Wed 26 Nov 14 02:00 am
Wed 26 Nov 14 03:00 am
Tue 25 Nov 14 05:00 pm
Observation is 10 hours old
Wind ----SW (210)
@ 21.6 kt
S (190)
@ 19.6 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
S (180)
@ 16.1 kt
SE (150)
@ 18.2 kt
Atmp/SST ----77.2 F/77.2 F78.4 F/78.1 Fn/a F/78.1 F79 F/78.6 F80.2 F/78.8 F
Significant Waves --------3.3 ft @ 10 sec----
Wind Waves ----3.3 ft @ 5.6 sec7.2 ft @ 5.9 sec3 ft @ 9.9 sec----
Swell ----3 ft @ 9.1 sec--0.7 ft @ 10.5 sec----
from: 1104 pm est tue nov 25 2014
...small craft advisory in effect from 9 am est wednesday through thursday afternoon...
Synopsis: ....southerly winds tonight with showers and storms across the gulf waters, then a sharp increase in north to northwest winds on wednesday behind the passage of a cold front. winds may increase to near gale force over the offshore gulf waters on wednesday. seas will build to 9 to 11 feet in the outer gulf of mexico waters wednesday, and up to 8 feet in the atlantic by wednesday night and thanksgiving day. marine conditions will remain on the rough side through thanksgiving day, with seas only subsiding slightly for the rest of the holiday weekend as northeast winds remain at moderate to fresh levels. .gulf stream hazards...seas will build quickly to 6 to 7 feet wednesday afternoon behind the passage of the cold front and remain 6 to 8 feet through friday morning. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of nov 24, 2014 at 1200 utc... 2 nautical miles north northeast of fowey rocks. 6 nautical miles east southeast of port everglades. 10 nautical miles north northeast of lake worth. 7 nautical miles east southeast of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( rest of tonight wednesday wednesday night thursday
windsouth southeast around 10 knotssouthwest 15 to 20 knotsnorth 15 to 20 knotsnorth around 20 knots
seas 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft 5 to 7 ft 6 to 8 ft


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