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Does Haiti Still Need Our Help?


According to the Haitian government, they still need help, they do not have much resource to build new houses for every effective family and arrange food for them. Still life is not settled like normal.

More than 1.5 million people were displaced from their homes, according to the International Organization for Migration. I am writing this to make attentions of the Americans and the world to give donations for the effective people. I am pretty hopeful that medical relief teams, missionaries and humanitarians descended on Haiti from all over the world will arrive soon.

I am working for Madison Park Bedding a department of Zuhni.com an online bedding store in USA. I had sent the story to the customers who followed our store to get some donation or they help Haitian themselves. Five years later, there are signs of optimistic change.

When you enter into the city, you can see signs of development and you can see signs of development, according to director of Latin America and the Caribbean for American Red Cross International Services. People noted that new construction around the capital and busy commerce, large and small, as positive developments.

The Haitian Red Cross and U.N.-Habitat, has worked to shift people out of the tent cities after the earthquake. Other than education and outreach work, the American Red Cross has also invested in new health care infrastructure, such as committing $5.5 million toward the construction of a hospital in the town of Mirebalais, on Haiti's Central Plateau.

I as a company representative trying to get approval to provide Madison Park bedding (http://www.zuhni.com/madison-park) to the people of Haiti America. I was last in Haiti in 2012 and visited that hospital, which was nothing more than a construction site and a dream. Now it's a "fully functional hospital," run by the Partners in Health organization. Haiti is still poorest country due to long history of political instability.

If development in Haiti is slow, it can be more immediate in those who have gone there to help. I think people of America will read and happy to help people in any mode like by providing medicine, bedding, blankets, food and other things. And Haiti's only a two-hour flight from Miami. Everyone can easily go and see what is going over there!

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Synopsis: ....light to locally moderate southeast winds will continue through much of the week. southeast winds will gradually increase over the weekend to moderate and occasionally fresh speeds as low pressure develops over the central u.s. and high pressure strengthens over the western atlantic. .gulf stream hazards...none. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of apr 25, 2017 at 1200 utc... 7 nautical miles east of fowey rocks. 11 nautical miles east of port everglades. 9 nautical miles east northeast of lake worth. 13 nautical miles east northeast of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
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