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Currently, it's 5:42 pm Thu May 24 2018 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida



Surfrider meeting last night recapped the good vibes of the party and successes for Bal Harbour parking lot. We think we may have a municipality to take over the parking lot responsibilities there. Surfrider may now has an ally to ensure the new design maximizes the number of spaces and Surfrider can negotiate with a reasonable party for a reasonable parking rate. BIG news when it becomes official. Alot of planning took place with volunteers steppin up to work on the DAY AFTER CLEANUP July 5th, the dune restoration phase 2 when we'll be planting native plants on the dunes and finally the BIG QUIK/SURFRIDER SURF PARTY. Yeah, dtas right, we gots it goen on bubba!Other items that were presented was a high level meeting Surfrider had with DERM, Army Corps and the City of Miami Beach to discuss beach management and how renourishment and stabilization experiments will effect the coastal environment as well as SURF BREAKS.

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Surfrider Foundation's, South Florida Chapter  International Surfing Day turnout was tremendous and the vibe was like you and your best friends copping SoBe on a head hi swell with NO ONE OUT!

Thanks South Florida for representing and making the party.

See the picts @



http://www.pbase.com/osocarras/isd07 .

More to come.

Don't worry everyone in the studio here at work have been hard at work making fun little graphics of my picts and my apparent inebriated state! I had as much fun as anyone, fa sho! Fa sho!

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International Surfing day

Fun waves today. I was at a seminar but got two calls confirming waist to occasionally chest high fun Ne swellies At FP and SI.  Bouys holding at 3-4 ft at 8-10 sec so it should hold at least untill tomorrow Am in those parts.  Fetch that produced this little swell is long gone so expect residual decline all day tomorrow.


This Thursday is Summer Solstice and the return of International Surfing Day. We at Surfrider SOFLo Chapter are celebrating it with a Photo/movie event  that you all have come to know and love (especially my cooking).  This will be a very laid back event taking place at Bar-B-Cue Beach 1555 Washington Ave. The feature movie is Absolute Mexico and there will be a slide/picture presentation of surf photography by the world famous Oscar Socorras.  Join us  for a night of fun and debauchery.  Drink specials and giveaways galore. See you'ze there

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Surfrider WINS! Surfrider WINS!

Fresh off the presses, word just came down from Tallahassee - stoked! Thank You to everyone who sent an email, went to Tallahassee or supported the cause. It was truly a TEAM efffort.


Governor Crist Signs Comprehensive Beach Preservation Bill

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