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Currently, it's 5:05 am Sun Mar 26 2017 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Surfrider movie event

Thanks to all who showed up and supported the Surfrider movie event last night.  A good time was had by all.  Great to see so many familiar faces and locals both past and present. The wine and spirits were flowing and the food went fast. Special thanks to Mike Adams and Lucie Bejamin for helping me out with the food production.  Film was great, Wilder has come a long way since I first saw his flicks years back.  I particularly liked the helmet and board cams on Gerry Burdine's rides. Not to mention the smoooth ripping by Dave-O and others.  Cache I hope you liked the Reserva Wine i turned you onto. 

Not much on the wave front but patience my friends, soon enough

Again thanks for supporting,  Enjoy Laughing

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>>>FLASH<<<< The menu is being calculated now so PLEASE buy your tickest now so we can get a head count for food and drinks. We don't wan't to get too much or worse, too little.

Thanks, Wyatt

Yo Brothers and Sisters I am back from the dead! Been travelling the State working on getting ocean outfalls closed, implementing a National Ocean Policy and flat out trying to save the planet in whatever way I can. So I am ready to cut loose this Friday for the Surfrider Movie Night. I've been blown away by how much the local crew has been doing and none of it is possible without the community coming together, sharing a little moola for a good time - giving the team the resources they need to do dune restorations, children's coloring books, beach clean-ups, fighting for beach access. So buy a ticket for yourself and and a friend and know that you helped Surfrider do the good things they do.

Also, you just might win one of those golden gift certificates from the New Times Best Rated Surf Shop in Miami - Island Water Sports. FYI - Scott is having his SUPER SUMMER SALE starting the day after the Surfrider Movie - Sat 10-6pm - Sun 11-6pm. EVERYTHING in the store 20% to 60% off and $50 off new surfboards (Hey Scott - does that include the SUP board I need - he, he , he, he!)


Forecast wyatt

NO WAVES so what else you gonna do?


So the International Surfing Day BBQ was supposed to be a small, little, social chill. BUT NO! Surfrider members responded with BIG numbers. DAMN! So now we have a full blown blow out. So if you got an invite confirmed please bring a chair, we got the rest.

OK with that response in mind and the number of tickets sold already for BANDITOS, from Wilder Films, folks should get on board sooner rather than later for this event. Aso check it out:

MIKE ADAMS (-the old man on the longboard bonzer) is maken his killer Bali chicken curry and cocoanut rice. PETE THE MEAT MAN is maken Chilian salmon burgers compradre and LUCY the FRENCH COOK and wife of JULIAN B the Jamaican, will be making some special delights. I'm getten the beer so don't miss this one. If you are one of the hundreds of locals that have attended our events in the past you know what we're talking about-if you want to get in on the action don't delay.

Plug wyatt

Surfrider's BIG MOVIE EVENT - JUNE 27th

Friday, June 27th from 6pm-1am
Miami Beach Botan
ical Gardens

There are two shows, one at 7pm and one at 9pm. This event will sell out fast, so 


The Line Up:

South Beach - Short Film
A 25 minute short film from Robert Lyon of Island Hoppers and Carlos Reyes from C-Shapes. This is a work in progress and we will be the first to see how it's shaping up!

Amigos & Banditos - World Premiere Feature Film
Local surfer and filmmaker Mark Wilder of Wilder Films has just completed his new film, Amigos & Banditos shot on location in Baja Mexico. This 60 minute film packs a punch with dramatic footage and a slick soundtrack. See footage of local surfer Dave Begley and others as they travel to well known and secret spots in Mexico. Cameo appearances include Surfrider's own Lance O'.

Food, beer, wine and softdrinks will be available at the event.

Special guest DJ will be spinning tunes before and between the shows.

Raffle prizes and giveaways from Quicksilver, Island Water Sports, Surfline.com and more!

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