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Currently, it's 7:16 pm Fri Nov 24 2017 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Remember the IXTOC!

Back in the 70's before I learned to surf, used to come visit my grandparents every year. It was those trips that got the sand in my toes and the ocean in my mind that I've come to revolve my life around. I vividly remember the year we had to have a bottle of baby oil in the trunk in order to clean the tar off our feet. It sucked and being a kid I didn't understand why it was happening.

Doing a little homework I now do, the IXTOC 1 spill. A non-U.S. rig that had a blowout in June 1979 which pumped 10 to 30 THOUSAND barrels of oil into the Gulf EVERYDAY until they capped it in March 1980. Little did I know, it was the 2nd largets oil spill in history.

That blowout was on an exploratory well and though U.S. rigs have not had a blowout since something like 1969, several have been fined by the Mineral Mgmt Service for having faulty blowout protection valves. I don't think I'm the only one that belives lately our Fed Govt has the foxes runnin the henhouses when it comes to Govt regulation on businesess, particularly EPA oversight of energy companies. Heck, the recent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing market meltdowns are pretty clear that the "we don't need regualtion" mantra is alive and well in DC.

So, what happens if we get a faulty blow out valve on a rig off FL? Check out the map below (the current proposal to allow driloing 50 miles form FL beaches) and keep in mind the Gulf Loop current that pushes through the FL Keys and up our coast as the Gulfstream. Back in 1970 I got tar on my feet from a blown well 600 miles SE of Texas - a blowout off the FL coast would ruin beachs and one off the SW FL coast could be catastrophic to the reefs of the FL Keys and the fishing and diving that we all know and love down there.

Just say NO is my opinion.

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Why no Outrage!!! -- I'll never fly Spirit after this.

As most of you know, the price of gas has caused some of our politicans to embrace strange policies - like offshore drilling. The Herald nailed it today with an Op Ed piece on how this whole big Offshore Drilling ta-do is just a bunch of political theatre. Sad part is the friggin folks who let gas prices get so out of control just might get to drill oil wells as close as 50 miles off our beaches and turn our coastal waters to junk because folks are so freaked out by gas prices. Now, Spirit Airlines comes along with this pathetic ad:

We've talked previously on this site how Spirit suckers people in with these outrageously cheap fares then tags the sh*t out of you with fees and then loses or damages your boards - but really - What the F*ck is! They're promoting getting you to a destination cheap, to which they're proud for shitting on the environment to make happen? F'n pathetic!

UPDATE: This link will take you to the US Coast Guard report about the oil spills releated to Hurricanes Rita & Katrina, pertinent pages are 7 & 8.

MORE FACTS on how dirty Offshore Drilling is to the coastal environment.

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Paybacks are a b*tch!

WCI files for Chapter 11

Quoting my favortie Samuel L. Jackson line from 'A Time to Kill' -

I'm glad they're dead and I hope they burn in Hell!!!!!

Plug wyatt



The City of Miami Beach does nothing to enforce litter laws, organizations give out educational material to kids in schools and on the beaches at beach cleanups. Beach cleanups are done year round to set an example and STILL the beaches are filthier than ever. TC and I started the South Florida Chapter of Surfrider Foundation when I bitched on the old SURF INFO and TC contacted me to do something. Well we have tried over and over but the problem only gets worse. Why? 


NO RESPECT for the coastal environment, surfers or others. Locals from Miami-Dade County come to our beaches and trash it. They laugh at us locals that tell them to clean up after themselves. I am here to say that this MUST STOP! Come to the Surfrider meeting tomorrow night 7, PM at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens on Convention Center Drive to plan an all out attack on the City for not showing they give a damn and enforce the laws. Beach cleanups and education is great but without ENFORCEMENT it is a waste of time.

Show respect for the beach-if you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem. 


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