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Currently, it's 12:31 am Fri Nov 28 2014 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Open Thread Tj

Go Surf and GO VOTE! - BTW: HH is NOT closed: see the thread for details.

Yep, we're in for a week of sloppy, choppy, lumpy, bumpy, dumpy wind chop but hey it's what we're all weaned on so...it keeps us strong. We're also on the verge of monumental political challenge; especially on Miami Beach, the homefront for most environment, development and beach access issues. Early voting sites opened today and I STRONGLY encourage you to go vote if there is an election in your community. Off year elections are notorious for low turnout, so a community such as ours can have a BIG impact on who wins and loses. You can check out the Miami Herald reccomendations or you can email me at tjmarshall2001@yahoo.com if you want to know my personal picks. GO SURF - GO VOTE - BE STRONG - MAKE A BETTER FUTURE FOR EVERYONE.

Open Thread Tj

Last Thursday of every Month Surfrider Mtg - 7pm - Miami Beach Botanical Garden

The crew gathers tonight, be good to see folks - it's been awhile. As usually pizza and drinks served, time to talk, hear from folks on what's going on out there and get some updates on the campaigns Surfrider's fighting. Got a call from the Mayor's Office and County Manager's Office yesterday about Bal Harbour and I'll give the low down on that. Here's a link to a google map for the Botanical Garden.

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More from Wilder Film's "Cabo con Chile": The Estuary

More from Mark Wilder's latest. Starts with some crazy backwash barrels and ends with a guy getting his head stiched. Pretty good stuff as always. Thanks Mark!

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Quiksilver Hurricane Chasers

Local surfer and filmmaker Andrew Peterson writes in to say:

"I though that you might want to throw up a link to the Quiksilvers Hurricane Chasers project in the Bahamas that we just came back from. I shot and edited the entire video along with the motion graphics and when we flew over Harbour House I couldn't help but get a cool shot which I had to include! Check it out and I think it would be a cool topic for our SFL surfers being that the Bahamas has always been so close and such an interesting spot for us.

The surfers on the trp were local Matt Kechele, Ryan Helm, Skeeter Zimmerman, and Tanner Strohmenger. Shooting was myself Andrew Petersen and Brian Bielmann."

Go to this first link and click on the video, its some pretty sweet stuff. Very good quality!
Thanks Andrew!

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Recent Observations
from: Thu 27 Nov 14 05:00 pm
Observation is 7 hours old
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 6761 hours old
Thu 27 Nov 14 11:00 pm
Thu 27 Nov 14 11:00 pm
Thu 27 Nov 14 11:00 pm
Fri 28 Nov 14 12:00 am
Thu 27 Nov 14 05:00 pm
Observation is 7 hours old
Wind ----N (340)
@ 21.6 kt
NW (330)
@ 19.6 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
NW (320)
@ 13.1 kt
N (350)
@ 8 kt
Atmp/SST ----61 F/75.2 F64.4 F/77.2 Fn/a F/75.9 F59.4 F/77.2 F71.1 F/76.8 F
Significant Waves --------4.9 ft @ 6 sec----
Wind Waves ----5.6 ft @ 6.2 sec8.2 ft @ 8.3 sec4.9 ft @ 5.6 sec----
Swell ----2 ft @ 13.8 sec3.6 ft @ 13.8 sec0.7 ft @ 14.3 sec----
from: 958 pm est thu nov 27 2014
...small craft advisory in effect until 7 am est friday...
Synopsis: ....a secondary cold front will move across the coastal waters overnight. after a lull in the winds this evening, winds are forecast to pick up overnight. high pressure behind the front will move east into the atlantic by this weekend with winds going from northerly to easterly. .gulf stream hazards...seas of around 7 feet will be possible in the gulf stream through at least tomorrow morning. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of nov 28, 2014 at 1200 utc... 2 nautical miles north northeast of fowey rocks. 6 nautical miles east southeast of port everglades. 10 nautical miles north northeast of lake worth. 7 nautical miles east southeast of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( rest of tonight friday friday night saturday
windnorth increasing to 15 to 20 knotsnorth northeast around 20 knotsnorth northeast 15 to 20 knotsnortheast 15 to 20 knots
seas 2 to 4 ft 2 to 4 ft 2 to 4 ft 2 to 4 ft


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