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Currently, it's 9:34 am Sat Jan 31 2015 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Next time you are out there, you gotta give this kid a wave

Sorry to step on Pete's forecast, but the story about Harry Greenberg kicking some cancer ass is too good to wait.

Check out the story: http://www.surfline.com/surfnews/article.cfm?id=12044

Thanks to Andrew Petersen and Kech!

UPDATE: Friend and sponsor of the page Jesse Friedman (who happens to be Harry's cousin) wanted to let everyone know that they have set up donations to benefit the Heidi Hewes Chapter of the UM Woman's Cancer Association & The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, All checks should be payable to Heidi Hewes WCA and sent to Miami Country Day School, 601 NE 107 Street, Miami, Florida 33161 Attention: Marilyn Greenfield.

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Hope everyone got to surf this past swell.  Pics are starting to come in. There are some Sobe pics as well as some good shots of RR. I like the angle of Jose and some of the watershots.  On top of that we have a real nice gallery from our ol friend Blaze in the South Pacific.

As for this week, we have a dry front coming down. A quick shot of North winds, stronger upcoast lighter down here. This will occur this evening and thru tomorrow . Unfortunately minimal chance of NW' erlies but never say never.  Tomorrow look for waist high North windswell maybe shoulder high in select places (Palm beaches or maybe even South) with a 10-15 knt North wind More NW in central Fla.

Further out this weekends low setup is looking like a bust . Too bad as the models had it blowing up earlier in the week. Longer range models hinting of NE fetch aimed at us. Thank god for fall weather and waves.

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Sozbech is going off. Size, winds are in alignment...YET it 's surprisingly mixed up BUT am I complaining? Hell NA! Sets are beautiful cobra heads striking at all who dare the drop. Dave making them all and being rewarded with barrel after barrel. Others getting ground into the sand if they make the drop and those who don't make the drop.....well it is the classic South Beach sitting chair position as they fly 5 to 10 feet out onto the flats! That's what I call being pitched! Mid-beach has long OH lines and it's feathering on the second reef. TJ and I watched in amazement as 5 wave sets poured in. Sand bars are a mess there so many closeouts and very dredgy. High tide will be better but what will the wind be by then?

Forecast Tj

The Winds turned in the night!

Winds clocked NNW last night and then NW in the early morning.  They're starting to clock back and the marine forecast has them N 15-20kts for the day.  Same forecast has 2-4ft of swell in the water holding through Sunday.  So, I anxiously wait an hour for first light and hopefully some clean faces for drops with a 20kt wind - in the face.

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Recent Observations
from: Sat 10 Jan 15 03:00 pm
Observation is 498 hours old
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 8306 hours old
Sat 31 Jan 15 08:00 am
Sat 31 Jan 15 08:00 am
Sat 31 Jan 15 08:00 am
Sat 31 Jan 15 09:00 am
Sat 10 Jan 15 03:00 pm
Observation is 498 hours old
Wind ----NE (40)
@ 13.7 kt
N (10)
@ 15.7 kt
n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
NE (40)
@ 15.1 kt
Atmp/SST ----64.2 F/71.8 F62.1 F/73.2 Fn/a F/68.7 F68.9 F/73.2 F----
Significant Waves --------4.3 ft @ 7 sec------
Wind Waves ----4.6 ft @ 6.7 sec4.6 ft @ 6.7 sec3.9 ft @ 7.1 sec------
Swell ----4.6 ft @ 8.3 sec3.9 ft @ 7.7 sec0.7 ft @ 11.8 sec------
from: 629 am est sat jan 31 2015
...small craft advisory in effect through this evening...
Synopsis: ....high pressure will build southeast across the region in the wake of a cold front that moved through the marine areas earlier this morning. another cold front will approach and move through the marine areas monday through tuesday. .gulf stream hazards...around 7 feet today...4 to 6 feet tonight into sunday. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of jan 30, 2015 at 1200 utc... 5 nautical miles south southeast of fowey rocks. 8 nautical miles east of port everglades. 6 nautical miles east of lake worth. 8 nautical miles east of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( today tonight sunday sunday night
windnortheast around 20 knotseast northeast 15 to 20 knotseast southeast 15 to 20 knotssoutheast 15 to 20 knots
seas 3 to 5 ft 3 to 5 ft 4 to 6 ft 3 to 5 ft


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