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“I wish someone told me that 30 years ago”

**If you are in your 20’s and 30’s you need to read this.


That is a phrase I hear way to often.


To most people and doctors, the goal of health care is simply, “Feeling no pain and owning no diagnosis.”

The MAJOR problem with that goal is that while you just might achieve that – it can really mean almost nothing at all! By the time you have a symptom – cells and body parts have not been functioning properly or not receiving what they have needed for a long time.

Just because you feel good, doesn't mean that you are healthy. Symptoms manifest themselves after you have already been sick for a period of time. Many diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis, among many others, do not have any warning signs. The most advanced and powerful tests and regular checkups still cannot do much more than detect any disease or illness after it has been developing in your body. Medications and Surgeries will cover up symptoms, but they will not get to the root of them.

What is True Health?

True health means having each and every one of your bodies trillions of cells functioning and healing at their full potential.


To achieve true health, THE RIGHT GOAL, you need to focus on five essential elements.  The 5 Essentials make sure that your body is functioning properly and receiving what it needs so that you not only feel good and own no diagnosis, you’re not about to suffer or developing a disease.   Each of these essentials is just that, an essential, and plays a crucial role in your overall health and wellness.


You’re Body and The 5 Essentials

Your body is a powerful machine that will take care of you and heal naturally, if you take the proper steps to ensure true health. On a daily basis your body regenerates over one hundred billion new cells, your lungs renew themselves every sixty days, your skin every fourteen days and you even get a new heart every ninety days.


The 5 Essentials

Essential 1: Minimize your exposure to toxins

Essential 2: Maximize nerve supply

Essential 3: Maximize the quality of your nutrition

Essential 4: Maximize oxygen and lean muscle

Essential 5: Maximize peace and relationships




If you knew the #1 cause of death in the U.S., wouldn’t you do everything to avoid it?


Where do you think America is ranked in the world as far as health goes?  At the top or the bottom when compared to the other countries like us?  Actually, the JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) did the original study on this and found us last in the world for most of the really important health categories and 2nd last overall.  The study was recently done and found us "Dead Last."  (Two reports: "U.S. gets an 'F'" (Commonwealth) and "U.S. Dead Last" (Yahoo)


The Journal of American Medicine found us to be last in the world for "Years of Potential Life Lost."  In other words - if God made you to 90, you have the least chance of making it and will die the farthest from it.

Genetics? You can’t blame it on mom and day anymore.

Studies show that as little as 2% and only as much as 5% of degenerative diseases are related to genetics and the other 95-98% are from what?   Lifestyle and how you allow your body to function.



People don't think it's going to be them.

So, you're probably thinking, "That's not me, I don't have Heart Disease, cancer, Arthritis, or Alzheimer’s. Unless you're doing something radically different than the people around you, it's going to be you.


Why don't people do something when they have symptoms?

You think you’re normal OR you don't think you can get well!

The biggest danger and the biggest reason for how common these conditions are is - "How do you know when these things are developing?"  THAT'S RIGHT -YOU DON'T.   You have to act before the diagnosis – which is what we do at our office through living a Maximized Living Lifestyle.

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In Health,


Dr. Craig Kaler


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