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Letter from Rod in Chile

Below is a letter I got from My brother Rod following another strong aftershock yesterday

Dear family and friends,
    Words cannot describe the reaction of the chilean people concerning this natural disaster and there are no real words to describe all the incredible sensations and experiences I have experienced on a daily basis here in Curanipe Chile, one very hard hit area.  Many if not all are traumatized and stressed to the max, including all the relief workers pouring in on a daily basis.   One thing is apparent,  the spirit of the people are strong, the chileans have opened their hearts and have done amazing things in such a short time to rebuild and reconstruct.  All this on a grassroots level>!!!!!,  Yes the government has intervened with military presence but its the chilean and few foreigners from all walks of life, giving and volunteering  and working exhaustingly that has made things matter.
     My sincere apologies to those I have neglected but my mission here has been extremely important and sometimes communication has been spotty.   I have been working with traumatized children and adults employing every technique and spiritual philosophy I know to assist the healing of this community, which at this time is broken, fragmented and in dire need of help and many more resources.  Most saw the Tsunami coming, and all have the memory of the sounds and sights (described as a black and menacing wave) at the edge of their consciousness.  Yesterday we had a small tremblor here but were instructed to run for the hills.  As usual it has been a false alarm and our crew has been hard pressed to maintain the calmness despite the histeria.  Today I get a break from the temporary hospital in a church where I have been doing what the locals call (relajacion) to go to Constitucion  a  very affected city, where we will go to temporary camps to see what the people need.   A holistice therapist in Santiago made 100 bottles of rescue medicine for us.   Have to go,   Thanks for supporting us,  Love,   Rod

In 1985 I was there for the Mellipilla earthquake, the aftershocks would scare the shit out of me since I was living in a tent next to a point break (Pichilemu).  I would frikin run to the hills at the slightest aftershock.

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Thanks Rod for representating the DCS crew so well. Our prayers are with you and your co-workers.
~ G

Go to to make a donation to Rod's efforts.


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