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Help Earthquake victims in Chile

Enclosed is an email witten by Josh Berry my ex-roommate in Chile,  he has been organizing a relief team (which includes me!) to go help probably the most devastated and poor part of Chile.  At this point in time funds are scarce and there isnt enough money to send the four health professionals, let alone the supplies.  There are 1000 water filters in Texas waiting to be shipped so Sheila my wife will be going to Lan-Chile offices tomorrow so they can sponsor the shipment.  Please help us reach our objective with a tax-deductible donation. Also what I need from all of you is to send this email to as many friends, acquantances as possible and tell them their donation will go straight to helping the people of the 7th/8th region of Chile, where the epicenter was to be specific.  Save the Waves has an outstanding reputation and will put the money right to the people, they will not even pay us a salary.  We are a grassroots organization and we will make a difference by the next coming weekend.    Thank you all,                                                       Rod Ferrer
                                                                                                   786 970-2676

BTW we are ready to receive donations of sleeping bags, tents,  non perishable food and even better yet good old american greenbacks.


> A massive earthquake and tsunami hit Chile this weekend. The
> earthquake epicenter was just 5km from Save The Waves Coalition's
> Vigilante Costero (Coastkeeper) office and is where Save The Waves'
> environmental advocacy efforts are focused. The earthquake and tidal
> wave damage to the area where Save The Waves works is devastating.
> Friends, colleagues and neighbors in coastal Chile need our help more
> than ever before. The good news we’re getting is that loss of life
> thus far appears to be relatively low because the "slow" start to the
> shaking allowed people to evacuate to higher ground. But the
> destruction to infrastructure is devastating, including to
> structures, drinking water, power, transportation, and communication.
> This means that aid & relief in the next few weeks will be crucial to
> help save lives.
> Save The Waves Coalition is organizing a relief trip to this hardest
> hit region of Chile this week with a doctor and two medics. We are
> now accepting donations to support travel to the region and
> distribute medical treatment, medical supplies, local relief
> supplies, water filters and camping gear to the affected.
> Because Save The Waves Coalition's ongoing environmental work is in
> the exact same region as the disaster, Save The Waves is is uniquely
> positioned to help direct humanitarian relief efforts in the region.
> Save The Waves is therefore organizing a humanitarian aid trip to the
> Buchupureo, Cobquecura and Curanipe regions - the quake epicenter.
> Josh Berry, Save The Waves environmental director, is going to Chile
> to act as director, translator and lieutenant of STW relief efforts.
> Save The Waves is also partnering with Waves for Water (http://
> to provide water filters for clean drinking
> water, something that’s crucially needed right now.
> All donations to Save The Waves for Chile earthquake relief will go
> directly to humanitarian aid in the devastated regions at the quake
> and tsunami epicenter. Save The Waves humanitarian aid efforts will
> be focused in the more rural coastal areas closest to the epicenter.
> Your donations will be spent directly on the ground in Chile. Since
> Save The Waves is a small and nimble organization with years of
> experience in coastal Chile, your support for this disaster will be
> extremely effective. No bureaucratic filters, no delays, just pure
> support for the coastal communities that are in dire need. Donate and
> learn more at the link below.
> Media & relief operations contact:
> Josh Berry
> Environmental Director
> Save The Waves Coalition
> 831.426.6169 tel.

  Looks like there is more destruction coming out every day. I have already lost a cousin (plane went down going to Concepcion for relief efforts) and a close friend (doc - surfer from Cobquecura) who lost his life camping on a point next to the epicenter.  Surf communities hit very hard . We are just beginning to hear about the Tsunami damage. In Buchu where my brother has land, the Tsunami went 5 km inland and wiped out a whole town  .  Please help if you can.

Here is a link of the wave in Buchu (on this site) .My bro Rod getting barreled. Also my Avatar is a pic of me dropping in a Buchu left.

Here is the latest Email from Josh-amusing read at the very least

 -----Original Message-----From: josh@savethewaves.orgDate: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 08:18:04 To: Dean LaTourrette; Chris Evans; Daniel Mullery; Angel MarinSubject: URGENT Josh's Chile Strategy Amigos dean + congrio + dan: I'm seeing clearly the situation in our rural Maule / Bio Bio focus: no fuel; closest fuel maybe 3+ hours drive; no safe water; no housing; few doctors. Plenty of blankets, firewood, fresh veggies, potatoes, lentils, eggs and livestock to eat! I don't think we will be able to drive all over the place delivering water filters to 1 giant hilly region because there won't be enough fuel to get us around. Will have to distribute the filters before and as we arrive, on the region's edges and in its center. I am developing a map with critical distribution points for maximum coverage, minimal waste, and little back-tracking. To set up 2 basecamps from where to work small and expand: Cobque and Curanipe. With 60 percent or more in Curanipe due to worse problem there. Distributing aid via local volunteer runner cowboys on horse, bike, foot, local gov, police, fire + church groups. People would ideally walk and bike and horseback to our HQ for filter training and tent / medical needs, we travel only for urgent needs, the elderly and life-saving.Constitucion sounds like a huge mess too big and too dangerous for our resources right now. It's too far away to worry about unrest from there reaching us in south. Of course I'll be adapting strategy on the ground but I am expecting the worst in terms of modern travel and local mobility. We have complete support and collaboration from the city halls and mayors of Cobqu and Curanipe. I know them and their staffs personally and we've worked together before. Also we'll have help from many local large landholder familys and local cowboys, who are awesome! Rodrigo de la O is getting to Curanipe today but I may not hear from him until we see him there due to communications. I'm also developing a supply chain flow chart: We should establish a max 2 ports of exit in USA for freight, (Texas and Miami best due to direct flights to Chile?), and have a dedicated volunteer in Stgo to receive material and people, get it out of bureaucracy customs asap, and into the rural relief zone. Then receive and distribute all of this supply and manpower from Cobque + Curanipe, potentially moving up to Constitucion as the situation improves there. I'm planning with this strategy in mind to avoid burnout of our resources from too much frantic running around trying to save everyone at once. Slow n steady she goes! Have to reiterate my strong feelings about screening our people coming down to Chile right now and that we try to get quality EMT, doctor and emergency response personnel who can bring their own meds, supplies, and be macgivers. Surfer soldiers are GOOD to act as runners, rebuilders and muscle but they MUST follow orders, be no-maintenance and work HARD for common goal. If imported surfer support go off on own missions, get lost or endanger rest of crew while wasting fuel, hmmmm not my responsibility!!! What Chile needs from us is cash, supplies and specialists from USA who can take care of themselves and take control of dire times. The rest who want to truly help should donate and then get here ready to follow orders and sacrifice all. Your Thoughts? Dan el diplomatico what u say as a firefighter and Chile dirtbag survivor? Angel mi chileno? So stoked to be doing this! FUELED BY YERBA MATE + POTATOES + WILD RABBIT FROM CURANIPE HILLS! Animo y fuerza, JoshSent via BlackBerry by AT


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