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Surfing Saint Barths

Where: Saint Barths is a small island that sits pretty far west in the Caribbean sea and is thus exposed to North Swells in the winter and South/East Swells during hurricane season.

How to get there: Only way to get there is to fly into Saint Marteen and either take a puddle jumper or ferry across to Saint Barths.

Other: the island is beautiful but also a playground to the very wealthy thus making it almost prohibitive for most people.

Surf: Winter and spring bring North Swells in the waist to overhead range as cold fronts coming off the US send North swells to the island. All reef breaks on the north side of the island are manageable. Lorient and Picket Fence sit in the same bay/cove and are easily accessible thru a channel that will suck you out right to the lineup. Picket Fence only breaks good at head high-otherwise you are right on the reef but it is a good right that really opens up on NE swells. Point Milou is also nice but takeoff is 5 feet from the rocks so you better make the drop. Lorient is a great A frame and suitable to all surfers as there are two main peaks. Summer brings south swells to Toiny which is an easy left and washing machine which is only surfed by die hard locals as the current will sweep you right thru the reef.

Stay: like I said before very expensive. Most villas and hotels are 750-1000 eur/night but the locals stay in the island for 1000/month so it can be done on a (relative) budget.

Other- French is spoken, cool vibe, great water activities like kiteboarding and diving and once again very expensive.

Hope this helped...

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Where do you stay? I doubt you are staying in the villas so any tips on where the regulars can stay for that $1,000 a month price?

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I actually rent a villa that sits on top of Toiny-I am very fortunate to be able to do so. I talked to the a few locals in the lineup -most younger kids that come from France- and asked them how they could afford the place. They all worked at restaurants etc and stayed in one bedrooms at some of the homes on the island. There are a couple of areas that are inhabited by locals and not just the very wealthy. I am not sure how to get that information for you but I can always call the person who helps me with my rental to get you more details if you are serious.

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Good info, Xavi. I'll bookmark for future reference.


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