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Bird from Bird's Surf Shop

Sad to hear Bird is gone. I grew up at that shop when it was on Biscayne Blvd. next to the gun shop. Almost every weekend and skipped day of school was spent at the shop. Carl aka " Bird ", Dave and Chris were my second family. I could write pages. The shop crew back then was Manning, Scott Locke,The Krutes, Salvio, Fish, Dancing Bear, Matt, Kenny B. and a few others. I left Miami in 1980 for Hawaii and only saw the Hahns every couple years when I came back to visit and kind of lost touch. I just googled Birds Surf Shop and found this site. Bird was an amazing person as was Dave. Hope everyone else from that scene is well.

Cheers, Lenny

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Yeah Lenny, Bird and his business touched us all that were around. Sorry I wasn't in town to participate in the send off....... Thanks Old Man, take care of your surfing and your surfing will take care of you...


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