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'Testing the Waters' Press Conference

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Yo my brothers and sisters, if you've got the time, please swing by the Rowing Club and attend the Press Conference, it is a bilingual event!  We'll be rolling out the Natural Resources Defense Council's 2008 'Testing the Waters' report (link goes to 2007 report - 08' report available at press conf.), a complilation of all the water testing done over 2007.

The report helps point out beaches that are having chronic water quality problems and others doing good.  Big part of the event is to get media attention for the 'Beach Act' which will help States get moola for more and better water testing that can be done in hours rather than days - ya know - learn the water is bad before you surf rather than 2 days after you've surfed.

It's a free event, cafe con leche and pastelitos served.  Our very own Greg Gordon will be speaking on behalf of SFL Surfrider - in both English and Espanol!  Go Greg!

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I'm researching as much as possible, but it is difficult getting ratings from the NRDC for Miami Beach. We seem to be the best percentage compared to the rest of the country, but that picture is so disturbing. The Beach Act, which will hopefully pass in congress, will take a look at and modify 20-year-old criterion for testing water quality. The new criterion will be implemented by 2010 and includes larger budgets for garbage pickups, distribution of doggie bags for pet feces and water testing devices that produce more immediate results. So if you see the Beach Act anywhere, make sure to vote YES!!

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Rip Curl Pro Search in Indo is on tonight.  I think it starts around 8:00pm here - which is 8:00am in Indo.  Should be good as the waves are solid 6-8ft.


The link should become active once the contest starts.

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Man that picture of green bile is nasty... Which reminds me its time to change the filters in my fish tank, so the water stays crystal clear...

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Funny, C, I just did the same last week.....

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That pipe (one mile off Delray) is 30 inches wide.  The Hollywood pipe is 60 inches wide.   The Delray pipe had a dye study a few weeks ago, and the red dye was moving in as far as the impact zone there.  Both sewage treatment plants (all 6 in sfl) have to divert 60 percent of that water to re-use by 2025.  Except during "wet periods" (6 months per year), when people don't need the re-use water as much, and then they can dump as much as they want in the ocean.  They also have to improve the water quality to Advanced Wastewater Treatment standards, which still has enough nutrient pollution to harm the reefs, but it's not as bad as what you see in the photo.

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ME TOO! ME TOO! I changed the filter on the fish tank last night!

Boy its flat-look what excites us.

peace and progress!


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