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Shawn Paul Montero

Open Thread OneofaKind

Shawn Paul Montero For all of those who Knew him........There will be a paddle out ............
UPDATE: Viewing Wednesday 5-9pm at Fred Hunters 6301 Taft St Hollywood Fl
Thursday 11 am is Burial
Friday is the paddle out at Haulover north side 6pm......

Three lives were taken in bizarre traffic accidents in Broward County this weekend, including one man who plunged to his death in the same place where a Fort Lauderdale police officer fatally fell a few years ago.
Killed were:
• Shawn Paul Montero, 30, of Hallandale Beach. Montero jumped over a cement wall on Interstate 95, not realizing there was a 65-foot drop beyond it. He fell in the area where Fort Lauderdale Officer Jose Diaz plummeted to his death in 2005 while helping a fellow officer during a traffic stop.
• Darina Snell, 16, of Plantation. Snell was riding a dirt bike he received as a Christmas gift when it crashed into a car in Fort Lauderdale.
• Tahnee M. Lehmann, 39, of Hollywood. Lehmann got out of her car in the middle of Interstate 95 after it had crashed into a wall, only to have another vehicle hit and kill her.

For Montero, Saturday night was spent with friends at a bar. Montero and a friend went to a Pompano Beach bar, where they met up with two women they knew, said Detective Kathy Collins, spokeswoman for Fort Lauderdale police. The four left the bar and headed south on I-95, only to stop in traffic near State Road 84 as a result of several accidents, Collins said. Montero got out of the car at about 12:30 a.m., telling his friend he was going to relieve himself. ''He got out of the car, and put his hand on the divider and leaped over,'' Collins said. ``He probably thought there was a wall, or a road, but there wasn't.'' Montero fell about 65 feet to his death near the railroad tracks. He died less than two weeks after he had turned 30.
His mother, Antoinette Krawczynski, 48, of North Miami, planned to spend Monday picking out a casket. ''Shawn didn't do a whole lot for a living. He got along on his charm, just like his father,'' Krawczynski said. ``Everybody loved Shawn, everybody who knew him.'' Montero's death also brought back memories of another fatal fall near the same location. Fort Lauderdale police Officer Jose Diaz died the night of Oct. 8, 2005, after pulling off to help other officers with a traffic stop. Diaz crouched and crept along the retaining wall when, possibly looking for cover, he jumped over, plunging to his death.

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r.i.p. cedella marley

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Man, too many losses going on.  My condolences to all who knew any of the above mentioned. 


New Erdman CAM

 "Bathtub Beach" aka well, you can figure out hte rest!... lol  :o)  Let's just say it'll come handy for those hit-n-miss refractos.

nice cam.....

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WOW, where is that beach? it looks like a really good break..I dont go upcoast anymore,
but if I did, I would like to go there....looks like its fun right now.

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This camera is going to piss off a lot of easily pissed off locals. If you've surfed Martin County, it should be obvious to you where this cam is.

im ging to organize a surf bus - 50bucks a head?

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those pics are from april 9th

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THE CAM IS AT THE ROCKS (stuart rocks) super fun on the right day only good at low tide most of the time

this will get you there

this is for all the kooks that give me dirty looks when i am in the parking lot  b/c i have a tan    

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Why is it outdated? I suspect the locals already got to one of their "man on the inside" to corrupt the site server or something to not update. Don't be surprized if that cam goes down the most often on a good day. This break is more protected (by angry locals) then the FL manatee.

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DALE shane, f*k it, kids from stuart come down here and add to the masses when we get the f*king goods ..

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Those guys there think they are PROS. what sucks is that while you are surfing thinking nothing is happening they are in the parking lot vandalizing our cars. I understand being protective of your break, but with respect everyone can get some. Any updates on waves? or is it a bust once again?

bust!!! looked like there were waves this morning - late tuesday early wednesday - offshore winds? and a little nippy.....

dirty looks becauseyou have a tan? nah man i think its from the g-string tan line that creeps out of your boardshortsssssssssssssssssssssss

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kiss those houses goodbye when they get a CAT 3...

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The GFS is showing a very tight wounded low pressure system off the Carolinas, it will sit there and wind up for a couple of days.
Haven't really had a chance to look at any other models but I read a NWS report stating 10-15ft N swells being generated for Tue night into Wednesday.

Would like to have Pete's thoughts on this feature.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

By the way, took a solo drive up north on Friday, checked SI and it was about shoulder high with mile-long close outs so just kept driving north. Made it to NSI and got rewarded with clean head-high consistent walls lining up left and right, surfed until I couldn't move anymore. Saturday got a dawn-patrol session which was also fun but not as good as I expected as the winds were not SW as forecasted but coming out of the south instead, still, it was fairly clean and very fun. On my way back down on Saturday I stopped at Ft. Pierce for a sesh with a friend and it wasn't happening.....waist with occassional plus sets (chest?) but closing out really bad and the wind was on it out of the SE at a good clip. NSI is a drive and a half but you're almost guaranteed to score everytime, well worth the drive.
On a seperate note, on Saturday morning while sitting in the water near the jetty (at NSI) waiting for the next set I got bumped by an unknown really large criter....this was around 6:30 ish.....don't know if it was a shark, dolphin or manatee since the water was a bit murky...didn't matter cause it scared the crap out of me. This kind of activity is expected at NSI but the bump-n-run really rattled me for a bit....specially that early in the morning when there weren't many guys out. Stayed out till about 10:30 though, caught lots of fun waves and still have all my limbs.

Just wanted to share the experience.

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looks like the best wave (if thats what u want to call it) at sobe was during mid-tide (outgoing) this morning. The incoming tide produced nothing. Beautiful beach day tho. Not a beautiful dade county courthouse day (interning for a judge).


waiting for tonights mwatson hope is that (1) swell fills in wed morning; (2) tide isnt too full at dp; and (3) NNW winds dont go N too early wed morning. -------> those three factors seem to be unlikely to happen sooooo --------> tropi-choppy wed and thursday, hoping for some chunks to hopefully smack some bored of the longboard...cmon Neptune/Poseidon

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yea it must be my g-string tan line. I Dont think it could be you and your boys floating around like a bunch of kooks just getting in the way,  making us all look bad. By the way all the bad looks go away when i punt a fat ass air

nah - dont get dirty looks from nobody

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Tuesday, Fun should start late afternoon, Palm Beach County north and possibly SoBe, so watch it later in the day.

Wednesday, morning should have swell all over the Florida East Coast with offshores from Palm Beach County south and maybe a NW land breeze north of Palm Beach (but if the High Pressure building in is strong enough you might get skunked by the wind. Further south the better chance winds will be offshore)

RECAP: Wednesday, swell with wind starting off NW from Palm Beach County south and begining a dreaded switch to the North during the day.

There's your schedule.


peace and progress!

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i hope so

i see possible refracto tomorrow and then latest GFS shows......

one low pressure racing ne tonite toward bermuda than out to sea and then another double barrell type low from off melbourne to NE of bahamas developing around noon tomorrow and then drifting NE.

building swell on wednesday looks like a shoe-in possibly down to sobe , with the potential for some large size, like wyatt said the winds will be the key and at this time offshore thru wed morn seems very likely and after that their is potential till thurs morn.

Damn straight that cam will be down most of the time.
I have many friends up there and they hate most Miami surfers because of the aggro attitude they bring with them. So do you really think they're going to let it stay functional??? Hell, no. Can't say I blame them, either.. SoBe surfers have a rep for being assholes in the water... Go figure.
Respectful surfers have no problems up there.


latest forecast i saw calls for a Due North swell (wed), perhaps a Sobe special, but with a shorter period. i.e hard pressed to get to 10 sec with the tight low set up fairly close.

winds up coast are howling but have alot of west in them, refracto check is worth it in the a.m.

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hopefully swell is string enough wed to overcome high tide in early am...bigger N swells tend to do alright with the higher tides, as opposed to SE which is better on mid-low. we shall see.

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Yes much west in the winds at moment. Yet I do not mind. Now that I'm working more north in PBC I know exactly some spots that thrive on WNW winds. That way I wont have to drive south to score. Hopefully my lunch time will consist of tasty waves tomorow. Life is good. Laughing

Yeah, not sure about this a.m. for SoBe. Kinda iffy. Maybe later in the day...
Wednesday looks more likely for down here.
But, you never know... Worth a look...


pretty calm in boca at first light, however NW winds got kicking around midnite, so i would say after 10 am or so a nice little bounce could show, keep your eyes on it.

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flat in npbc this am. check later.

Mr w. winds turned more NW late nite (320 or so) think the event will be further south.

gonna camp out north of boca, and watch it build.

and the low dropping SE at 31 78 should send some huge windswell/swell tomorrow.

today is the appetizer

Hi All,

I am treading a line in the Surfline written forecasts by giving away too much info and directing folks to specific areas/breaks. Those at the pressentation will recall that this is the philospphy behind our forecasts - not to be traffic cops/spoon feed out of respect for the locals that have spent many years becoming dialed in. Plus we are space limited - no two page eassays on the forecast are allowed.

With that I would like to add a bit more info than I may otherwise include either because of TMI and/or space restrictions - we talked about the storm slot and wide fetches at the presentation. It appears that the fetch setting up from this system is in the slot to produce one of the more encompassing swells for the SFL region. WIth that, if it were me, I would have a solid plan in place to be near the beach tomorrow (wish I could drive down). The winds look like they will be mostly N but some slight bending from the NNW is likely - you will have to check out the various wind reporting sites up and down the coast. The center of this system will intially be in flux as it becomes better developed through the day. Since we are looking at a dynamic situation, changes in the low's movement/center location/shape will directly affect the winds over the FL coast - keep in mind that this low is sitting over/near the Gulf Stream so things can happen quickly with these developing situations. So in a nutshell - local winds will most certainly be a wild card.

Post some reports tomorrow and let us know what you see. You can also do user submitted reports on the Surfline site.

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Winds already out of North up here. So much for clean stuff.

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Thank you M.W.

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Thanks Mike. Cams showing the effects already. Juno, Delray, Boca all have breaking (not necessarily ridable) waves as well as SoBe. Visual SoBe report at dawn was pancake flat.

My indicator flags here at work are going from NNE to NNW to NW. I give it a predominately north, NNNNW wind direction. (Fingers crossed)

Perhaps as the low moves North we may see more W in the NNNW. Also don’t forget that the land breeze will help keep the winds offshore in the early morning.

peace and progress!

rideable now and building in select SPB areas. winds with plenty of west in them in boca/DR area.

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The pics of Ft P on sat from oscar are up. A lot more up on his site at 

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sobe visuals would be GREATLY appreciated...DO NOT want to miss an evidence class for knee high wetsuit session.

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Give it a few more hours.

Just as I posted about the North in the NW winds the winds now are solidly out of the NW! YEAH! Now all we need is for it to hold over night and into the morning. Storm is setting up

N I C E L Y !!!!!

peace and progress!

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SB visual:

Knee high with the occassional thigh high set. About 10 guys out on longboards. Wind is ripping from the NW making conditions a bit nippy and giving the waves a slight texture.....some guys out in full suits. I have my long-sleeve spring in the car but wish I had my full instead. Gulf stream is up, up, up!

kinda died out over the last few hours

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any late thoughts?

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yea- I shoulda stayed in school.

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Boca, Delray starting to show some. Rather disappointiny. I sure hope tomorrow morning delivers cause if it don't we're S K U N K E D!

peace and progress!

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Surf Penrods from 2 till 3:30..... Started small but still shortboardable. Maybe solid thigh with a few plus peaks. By 3 was barely shortboardable but guys on longboards were still getting shin high peelers. Was a sick day at the beach weather wise but where the hell did the waves go? Don't say it Wyatt i have faith in mother nature. She is going to give us a gift tomorrow.... or I'll kill her. 


Ok all you weather men...... Let's hear all the theories for tomorrow?

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surfed 1st street and south from 2-530pm as the tide crept in. thigh high w/ strong NW wind makin for some peelers and micro-tubes (not make able unless u were a three year old). By the time the tide reached it's peak, the beach went pretty much flat. warm water, cold ass wind.


i'm no weather man but ill be out there at 8 am tom as the tide drops out hoping that there will be a shortboardable fun guy out there. BUT after surfing sobe almost every rideable day since feb., i know to bring the log as back-up. we shall see but i'd bet on at least waist high tom morning. again, no science involved in that one, just wetsand/surfline/ reading.

Pete h ere  checking in . I{m on an old compoter so forgive the spwelling. Surfed great waves today in a point down here in chile and headed back tomorrow .hopefiully in time for swellage. Haven{t really done my homework for Soflo but from what I can see a low is setting up nicely in our window. Like MW said just perfectly, anything can happen as it hits the gulf stream. Good fetch forecast to set up may last til thursday butit movs rather quickly. Winds will be the qwild card.   My condolences go out to Alberts mom and the other chap who passed.  Let there   be surf.                 

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any reports from reef road today?

can't help w/ reef road, but red reef park, was NICE waist at low tide and then kinda mushed out (tide) , but later in the afternoon the size built and there was a few guys scoring some waist high lines late this evening further south by pavilion.

trough of low pressure is sliding ese looking to party just ne of bahamas tonite, waves will be pumping but not so sure about the winds in the am , best guess for offshores will be Sobe, but i think the waves will be quick to turn on and then off down there tonite/tomorrow am. prepare to get on it EARLY. and watch for updates.

Further North i think palm beaches will see a long duration swell NNE and then turning NE. and again the wild card will be the wind, which best case could be offshore wed and thur morn.

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submerg, bring ur digicam tom if u can

there should really be a nightvision cam set up somewhere. I would really like to see if the swell is starting to fill in. surfrider get on that for me will ya? ha jk, seriously though whats the deal.

leon - its chargin up right now.

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good shit sub


winds already turned NNW, lets hope they stay that way or go back to NW for morning. N winds would ruin my day. Maybe HH can offer some protection?

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Surfed RR this afternoon. Swell never kicked into full effect this evening. The better waves were about waist high with a stomach high one thrown in to keep your hopes up. Never really picked up and was rather inconsistent for the bigger sets. These refractos are tricky these days. very cold out.

inner canaveral just starting to pick up swell, now over 10 feet , fort pierce bouy should pick up around 1 am and build , first light should have barrells headed down toward Sobe. as well as rolling in to areas that like N swells further up the coast

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i hope ur right brother, i hope ur right

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1am SoBe check:


flatonia prevails

let us see what the sunrise brings  


Mike L

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go north my friends...
Lake worth looks real nice right now. angle no good for South Biatch..

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sobe visuals?

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Big sets coming through in NPBC. Looks close to head high, drifty and cold. Yet fairly clean and rideable. Go surf!

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PB's are the call.  Strike while the iron's hot if you can head that way.  Pumphouse and RR look more than head high to me, but I'd go with what Mr. W says since he's gracing us with a visual, not a cam.

no need to go as far as npbc deerfield beach and boca are bigger and more lined up. should fill into south beach a little more later.

this will be an extremely quick hitting swell for far S. Fl , boca right now is BOOMING and RED Reef park is very lined up, get on it while you can.

Sobe will get some swell if it is not their right now. but it will be about a 3-4 hour event.

p.s just out of water from Red reef park and the size reminded me of Andrea last year, (not thaaat large) but biggest swell in a long time for sure, not a question about over head.

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PBC is on. Deep So Fla turning on. The big factor is when those winds will go N. Hold, baby, hold! Right now they are almost N (330deg) and the shift to the N is going to happen, but please not before I get off of work! Lordavemercee...

surfed south this AM - small, knee to waist - high tide affecting the - saw a bunch of people around 1st but didnt look any better than the peak i was surfing at..

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sobe was ok this morning - surfed 7-9am knee/waist occ. chest - not sure if the tide was messing it up or that was it for us down here but hopefully it was just the tide and there is still some swell rolling its way down. Sounds like deerfield/delray is probably the best move.

chances of there being waves in the pm (after work) and that winds hold in the same direction???.... somebody throw me some hope (f*ck, lie to me if you have to)....

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Hey Folks,

Work is bombin so sorry for this late update from Roger-Dodger. He found fun rideables in north Dade this AM -  mostly waist range with some chest sets starting to push through.  He got a call from Jay-dog who's up in the PB's who said "EPIC- go now" - word is Delray is easy overhead - surf stoked folks are saying double overhead.

UPDATE FROM BRICKELL.....papers are stacking up about knee-high right now. not lining up too good and looks kind of mushy. Internet is working great though!!! hit it hard...

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That new cam is NOT the rocks, it is Bathtub beach, a closed-out, hardly-ever-surfed wormrock and limestone shelf reef.  Good indicator cam for size, but going there to surf is stupid.  The other Erdman cam at Jensen Beach is the place to surf, and hardly ever gets crowded.  Other than that, take Mike Watson's advice and use your "earned knowledge" to find the best spots up there.  Don't draw maps for anyone on this site please!

<>Looks fun all over PBC right now, with some real size. Wind direction is still very much offshore, and the rips are moving sand big time. But, I'm in Sarasota working until Thursday night. 

<><>Congratulations to Christian Miller from Lantana, who is the new ESA Regional Boys Champion.  Patrick Nichols won the Menehune Longboard.

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bathtub is stuart rocks just like 2nd street is south beach if you get a long one at the main peak at the rocks you will kick out at bathtub.

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This morning on Sobe was a huge disapointment......... glad people up the road got it. Hopefully the afternoon sesh is better at the Penrods.

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Wyatt just calling in from Haulover, he was trunkin up to head out with Greg Gordon.  They stopped at Jeanne street (mid-beach secrect spot) on the way up - not too appetizing - waist high a little wobbly. 

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wind looks like it came on ne upcoast at least from the cams

wind is side shore in boca, smaller size than earlier, but still large.

low is starting to wrap up and consolidate around 31N 70/71W nice fetch pointing toward palm beach for later thursday and friday, should be quite large again with diminishing size toward broward county line.

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sobe was wack this morning...shouldve skipped class and filled the tank and gone upcoast...oh well hopefully ill be rewarded come final exams. anyways...tide is low right now at south...any chance for an increase in size for the incoming?

sobe visual midday - 1-2ft and weak.

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Wind all over it this afternoon in PB. If you see a clean spot stay south since its all blown out now. This morning was epic. Way overhead on the bomber sets.

south b looks like mierda on the rocks from looking at the cam. is it worth driving to hallandale/ft. lauderdale at this time????

i take that back...ft. lauderdale cam looks pretty beat also.

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cpick, whats ur call on red reef park tom?

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Made a drive to Delray at about noon, wind was already blowing hard sideshore. I had to walk a good 200 yards North to be able to paddle out and not miss the main peak. Even then If you made the paddle out to the main peak that doesnt mean you would get a set wave before you would drift waaaay down the beach. I got maybe two waves, and they definitely were not set waves. Big size though definitely overhead. Looks like those who were on it early scored big time. Also stopped in Boca to surf the inlet looking for some protection from those nasty side shores. Pretty small towards the inlet, big shorebreak further south on the beach broke the nose on my board. Oh well...Maybe waves tommorrow


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looks like shrimpy caught da good sesh....some of us hadta work, have kids & volleyball practice.....looks like i missed dis one....ggrrrrrrrrrr

c leon i see RRP as waist high mostly windswell tomorrow with on shore conditions by mid morning (9) at the latest.

The call tomorrow is Juno area in the early a.m when their will be offshore's and good size left, since the swell has been turning more ENE'erly.

however a waist high swell leftover in boca is possible but the tide will be high.

Friday will be the day (round II) for large longer period surf. This low is a giant BEAST and it appears the juicy stuff entered into S. fl (Lake worth - Delray) swell window in the last few hours and is in no hurry to leave. overhead swell for friday in the above mentioned area, with smaller but decent size down to the broward/PB border is my call, winds that is another story.

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when i heard mike's afternoon report today i almost cried.. sobe jussssstttt missed it

C.Leon's picture

today was the saddest day of my life. I could have easily gone upcoast but i decided to stay local and make it to class. juno is too far for a solo sesh (gas prices) so ill just have to hang the wetsuit and cry myself to sleep tonight. Ill check reports in the am and decide if its worth the run up to RRP area. cpick, i dont mean to encroach on your area, but local knowledge would be extremely helpful if you can provide it, as i have yet to surf the area. My window of opportunity tom is from 9 am - 12 pm so, if you would tell me a "what you would do if you had the same window and had to surf the boca area" please please let me know. thanks.

SOULgER's picture

Yeah sad day for all of us who thought we'ed get the goods down here
Look at this though
Gulf Stream Positions
I think that every time the Port everglades Gulf steam distance is father from shore than Fowey we get screwed. Especially when the Lake worth is so close to shore. This looks like its been this way most of the winter. Thinking of winters past I remember when Lake W was the furthest out and the stream would kind of gradually come closer to shore the further south it got and funnel the waves down here. Makes some logical sense but then again Im a surfer living in South Florida, which makes no God-damn sense at all. Any thoughts?

C leon i don't think RRP is any good tomm. am. however should ft. pierce bouy go back to a consistent NE swell angle overnite than i may be wrong, winds will be Onshore before 10 am.

DRB several miles to the north will be quality if direction (on ft. pierce) bouy shows some flipping from ENE to NE.

i would wake up, check the swell direction on the fort pierce bouy for last few hours and then decide. several straight hours of ENE swell would lead DRB to be crap as well.

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a.m PB cam still shows the second reef breaking (during hight tide I may add...) at RR with clean conditions. 

Don't whine, C. Leon - just hop in your car - NOW if you want to catch something clean and head towards the North PB.


Cpick, I like what I'm hearing.  Hopefully, it sticks around for Saturday - the best case scenario for us weekend warriors.  Well, either that or hope Miami has waves for an after-work session, but we see what direction that's going with this event....

Mr W.'s picture

Go north. Still much swell up in PB chest high at least. Go!!!!

Just stepped off the plane. Saw some Whitewater from the plane and went to South this am. Knee high and trying but no one out.  Decided to go to work. Glad some of you scored yesterday.  Heard from a visual of Delray North waist to chest and fun, Juno pier some head high sets. Should stick around but I got lots of catching up to do (forecast wise)

8A SB VISUAL - small trace swell lines marching in, however, unridable and breaking close to the beach, thanks to the thick tide. Go north or go to work.

Is there anyone out there in DCSF land that would be interested in back issues of 'Surfing' magazine? I think I have almost every issue from 1996 to 2001 and then 2005 and 2006. As I recall, they are nicely packed into two 2 litre plastic crates and knowing my OCD tendencies, they are probably in chronologic order. I hate to just throw them away, but they gotta go. May be of interest to anyone trying to occupy time during this year's flat season or anyone who would like to reminisce about the days of day glo wetsuits. If interested, holla back.

C.Leon's picture

cpick, u were on the money.

superstoked's picture

I'm down with the periodicals... especially at the right price of "free in order to get it out of your way"! :) I have quite the collection of post-2000 VDub and paintball mags that I keep out for my friends. This would be a great way to fill out my collection to represent all my interests :)

I went out last night in the Dania area. Lots of wind on it. Drift was running South at a good clip. Mushy... but there was the occassional waist/stomach high wave to make it worth it for me and my 8' mini-long to paddle out for some exercise... Hoping for cleaner Friday night.

morninglight's picture

n. pbc report:


surfed for 1.5 hours this morning... little more drift than yesterday... wind light out of WNW 

surf was overhead, clean but unorganzied.


much better yesterday IMO.

SOLD! to superstoked for the amazing price of "free in order to get it out of your (my) way"! :)

Drop me a line at to coordinate p/u

Thanks and I hope they bring you years of enjoyment, as they did for me!

Truth's picture

Just got a call from a reliable source with a visual from RR.

In their own words:

"Overhead, several feet with very clean conditions, breaking on the outside...."

".....bright blue beautiful water....."

"....calm offshore winds."

Makes me want to leave work jump in my car and head up but I can't, besides, I'm not sure how soon the winds will turn back on-shore. One thing is for sure, who ever is there now is catching the goods.

gump152's picture

Looks like people way on the outside at RR.


That Stuart cam is hilarious. They try so hard to keep that place to themselves, resorting to violence and localism and now theres a nice panoramic cam exposing the place.


Mr W.'s picture

yeah but notice that cam is still down since April 9th. hmmm....

i see the surf picking up from N to S in the weehours- tomorrow A.M 45 degree NE angle and big down to DR by noon and then fading on saturday.

That extra "juice" from when the Low consolidated last evening , way off N. carolina is en route and is due Fri A.m

Surfline is calling for smaller conditions tomorrow and so is Noaa marine forecast so i am sticking my neck out a little on this one, but i think canaveral will be back over 10 feet in the wee hours and perhaps up to 13 feet. at 12-13 secs.

homey-the-surfer's picture

Good thread

C.Leon's picture

RR area was fuckin sick this am. shoulder to 2 ft overhead w/ just beautiful water color. u could see the floor the water was so clean. light offshores to zero wind- absolute glass made for some mysto tubes. yesterday must have been close to epic, these waves def had some power and jugo! thank u cpick, mr. p, and mr. w


saw some sobe locals out there getting their fare share as well.

C.Leon's picture

looks like C.FL is the call for tomm. Whats good on a high tide tho?

its funny how people come on the site to ask others what they should do or where they should go, which in turn announces to everyone where its gonna be good, and pretty much ruins it for everyone...get some local knowlegde and use it, instead of plastering it all over the place. Is it me or do you not notice your making yourself look like a barney...?

he who asks a question is stupid for a moment, he who does not ask is a dumbass forever

nothings wrong with asking a question once or twice, but when its everytime there are gonna be waves it gets kinda lame...but do whatever, doesnt make a difference anyways, i just think its funny....peace.

i hear ya - asking for exact locations is wrong - general area

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Hey, where EXACTLY should I surf tomorrow?


the internet

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Good one


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Its been a whole year since this swell.... 

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if we are not supposed to share info about surf spots on this site, then what is it for? I dont care if i sound like a barney. I get info and i score and learn and dont have to ask again. If anyone has a prob with posting specific spots on this site, feel free to email me

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I agree with cachimba, please stop calling out spots by name. A staple rule of surfing etiquette is respecting locals, and posting up spots by name on this site is wrong and a violation of that rule. A true core soul surfer doesn't name exact spots, only a barn would. As far as the new Erdman cam they have the right to corrupt the cam if they need to protect their break, it comes with the territory of surfing. looks like that there swell had some juice

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wow man Siiiiiick pics, cant believe I got skunked. I guess the early bird catches the bomb

I agree with cachimba and Darth...

And damn, c. leon - don't you see how much you embarrass yourself??? Seriously!
Trying to learn is one thing - but asking to be spoon-fed every single thing is another.

Honestly, being a kook is part of the learning process and is what it is - but a kook
who doesn't even know he's a kook is even worse!


Sorry - I've been holding back on this for too damn long...


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its a funny contrast running through this thread, some guy fishing for spots and encouragement, and the discussion of a web cam at a spot most people are reluctant to name. Even though the cam isn't focussed on the break, anyone who's surfed that place can get a real good clue on how good the swell is hitting south Florida's best reef break. I've never seen any crap go down there, but I'd usually be out of the water before the "core" guys showed up. Lotsa good surfers out there, and I knew I couldn't compete.
Thing is, like many people, I learned when to go to that spot and deal with the hassle on my own recon, rather than asking anyone. I try not to name spots ever since some douchebag got pissed at me for naming Pumphouse in an internet report. What a joke, but I understood his point.
R**f R**d looked pretty sick from those shots!

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i like surfing, i like getting good waves. this isnt high school, i dont care if i dont look or sound like a 'cool guy.' u sound so sad thrashing me for asking questions about surf on a SURF FORUM! anyways, thanks to those that have helped me out, you are bviously happy and good people that are living a good life. to the haters, im sorry if ur life sucks and u have to take it out on me! pura vida

We like surfing too..we like good waves too, and we like our spots not being anymore packed than they need to be.  Nothing wrong with asking questions on a surf forum, but there is a fine line between whats cool to ask and whats lame to ask, certain stuff you should know already if you love surfing so much.  Thats all..i dont know u so im not saying anything negative about you, just your choice in what you ask on the public site is all im saying you should think about.  None of our lives suck, its just a no brainer in surfing...local knowledge is earned and not meant to be just given away on public websites...check out models and to your boys...ask around...we all do it..but we dont come on a public site and ask the masses where is it gonna be good disrespect, just my opinion,,after all this is a forum right?

RIP Shawn! We will love you and miss you always!

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i agree with you 100 percent cachimba. Thanks for the clarification.

much respect to you bra....good luck in all your searches...ft pierce for high tide upcoast aint no damn secret anyways..

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ha, i know. it aint like its not posted on surfline travel info anyway.

r.i.p. to those mentioned above and to this thread.

I Find these discussion pretty amusing especially for those who have been surfing for as long as some of us have........considering these named surf spots as secrets.

How are these forcast different from the 976- days? I remember i used to think, "how can they do that to my secret break?"....I was such a dumbass then.

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there will always be spots that are well known and well packed with no secrets. Yet there are still spots out there that don't get packed at all so find them out. Just yesterday I passed by a favorite spot on the way to a well know spot and it was solid over head on the sets and not a sole out. I was on the other side of the extream wishing at least another person showed up since I hate surfing by myself alone in sharky waters. yes the sharks were out yesteday, saw two jump out while thinking about going out. Yet they don't scare me when others are around. Go figure.

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Worth the risk of surfing alone anytime......... anytime

swell turned a little more NE today as opposed to ENE , size is holding nice but should fall by evening.

swell made it was a bit further south into S. palm beach county this afternoon (Delray - Boca) and the wind is light

Enjoy flatness is coming


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