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Two weeks ago my family and I sold our house, packed up the cars and have moved to New Hampshire- the plan was in the works for a year and not related to the storm. So to all my many incrediable friends I want to say, as you know, Irma is nothing to triffel with but as we all know the hype is hardly ever what turns out but people in Texas thought the same thing and for some it became a nasty reality. Remember Whilma? It was a crappy, fast moving (25 mph) hurricane when it got to Miami with one small quadrant of cat 3 winds but it left the city in a hot mess. Irma is no Whilma-it is far worse and the current tract will mean you will not be able to get gas or supplies for up to 300 miles-yeah y'all laugh at my prius now!!

All I'm saying is this storm is big and very strong-very strong so to all the tribe: be smart, be safe and be cool. Thanks Miami-we love you -it's where our children were born and raised and where we had much success and made so many remarkable friends.

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Good luck dude

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hope everyone is safe & healthy & made it thru the storm ok

we got Jose swell coming up nxt, up coast. go get some

You finally did it Wyatt, got out of Miama.  Don't foget you have an invite to Hawaii .  Cool thing happened to me a few days ago. Met a guy called Claudio while surfing at Honolua bay ( my reg spot now) . He said he heard from the grapevine I was from South Fla and used to help run a website there (Dadecosurf) . He now happens to live 5 min from me a said he grew up using The Dadecosurf website for years to find waves.  This site has seen better days but it was cool back a few years ago . 


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