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My boy Josue needs surfboards and accessories to bring to help kids in the Philipines

Plug crsurf

Still trying to collect a last few boards for my good friend (Kevin Perkins) in the Philippines looking to use surfing as a tool for community outreach. We need a few more soft tops and fun shapes. They just have to be usable.

We'd love for you to write a message on any board you donate expressing what you love about surfing and why you respect different cultures.

We are aiming to ship at the end of the month. Thanks!!!!

PS - also need leashes, fcs fins, ding repair kits and wax. Let me know by posting here or sharing on our facebook page -

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And new South Beach surf photos and videos to share from the 8th -

Oscar Socarras -

video by Romain Maurice - with Brad Wells at the 31 second mark!

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i have a fun shape to donate but broken fin & stripped screw so that needs to be repaired. if u want email me at


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