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Waves coming

Forecast Pete

I've been eyeing this storm for days now and feel confident saying this may be the swell maker we have been waiting for this season . All Model tracks have Mathew Heading North and staying just East of us off the bahama bank. If everything goes as planned we will be in the swell mode next Wednesday . South Fla shoudl wake up and fire . Results may vary. Feel free to chime in . I know this site is nowhere near what it used to be but damn " dis is a real potential swell maker" .

Magic seaweed seems to be optimistic for Fla . What i like is that the track hasn't changed for days. It rides up the Eastern seaboard . Question is will it stay away far enough for cleanliness or come a little too close loike Sandy . Time will tell

So I know peeps rarely visit this site like they used to back in the day but damn- dis is one good ass scenario for Fla . I'm thinking stay at work next wednesday , be on high alert Thursday , take Friday off fo sho . Wait fo kickback swell Saturday . Exciting possibilites. Even tho I live in Hawaii now I'm supa excited fo yu guys . Was texting my twin bro rod and we were reminising our old hurricane chasing days.  Gotta admit it can get epic if you are at the right place at the right time. I think Salt life is going to have to fork out fo sho.

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thanks for checking in Pete & keeping us in your thoughts. it will be an interesting & hopefully fun week for all of FL's east coast no doubt

Latest track has it jogging left a little when it enters the Bahama bank . Spells better chance for waves in SoFlo. Tempered by likely more effect of less than ideal winds. As usual staying below the windfield into the offshore region will be key . Windmapper site gives a great picture of what is going on throughout the state and can help clue you guys in . I got sooo close to booking a ticket there for this event . Unfortunately it just didn't work out for me.

more like ankle high gale force side shores

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Thanks for the forecast Pete! I'd like to get this site going, but it takes the 3-0-5 surf community to pitch in with photos and commentary. Maybe move the posts over to Facebook?

Today track looks mo betta dan yesterday . The goodness will be shortlived as it skirts the coast .  I think Friday am will be the sweet spot .  If only it had stayed out there but......  whatevas. Still has potential for some epicness.

Board up and head for the hills .  Now you have to watch out for the recurve . Wow, days ago it had such a great surf potential track . Now it looks to whallop the Palm Beaches . What a shame . Surf producing fecth will be very short lived . Recurve may be the best bet . If you are crazy enough to surf go South, way South. No Palm Beach strike missions here. GL

South Beach going off (kinda) watching da cams. HH closed , Copper told my brother he would arrest him if he tried to surf there.

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yeah, and he still went out. Should've surfed Jeanne St.!

BTW, if you want to help Haiti, visit this link and share it:


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