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Chiropractors and Medical Doctors

One of my patients was in the office on Monday and not feeling very well. Congestion, head ache, sneezing, and a mild fever. She asked me if she should take any medication. After a little lesson on how her symptoms are a sign of a healthy function immune system, I let her know that she would probably get better faster if she didn’t take anything. I advised her to go home and rest and stay well hydrated following her chiropractic adjustment. She couldn’t believe my advice, being a new patient. After looking at me like I had three heads, I asked her to go talk with my Chloe who is 7 and ask her how the body heals?

My patient asked and my daughter replied; Papa Dios fixes everything. She told my patient that the coughing and sneezing was getting rid of the germs. I got busy and didn’t see her till a few days later on Friday. She was still a little congested, but went to work today feeling much better. I asked her if she had taken anything? She said no and expressed to me that she was amazed and confused at the same time. Her whole life she had been taught to take something or go to the doctor for a prescription any time she felt ill. This was the 1st time she never took anything.

It’s easy to envision Medical Doctors and Chiropractors on opposing teams—Mechanists vs. Vitalists, Intervention vs. Innate. When Chiropractic was first fighting to establish itself in a society that had long accepted the medical model, us vs. them thinking was not only natural, but also useful. It allowed chiropractors to distinguish themselves as passionate believers in the power of a philosophy that was fundamentally different from medicine and to inspire an ever-growing community of equally passionate supporters.

Today, the philosophical differences between medicine and Chiropractic can be summed up as opposite sides of a flash card: Medicine intervenes, Chiropractic removes interferences. Medicine teaches that the educated practitioner can cure diseases; Chiropractic teaches that the innately intelligent body can heal itself. Medicine’s most powerful tools are medication, surgery and radiation, and Chiropractic’s most powerful tool is the spinal adjustment. Medicine can rescue the injured or diseased body in crisis. That’s why we are #1 in the world in crisis care. We are far from #1 in overall healthcare.

Chiropractic’s main objective is to empower the body to function more optimally. One of our main objectives in our office aside from helping you heal without medication is to empower you to trust in the wisdom that created you.

In Health,
Dr. K


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