Currently, it's 5:38 pm Thu May 24 2018 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Meet your local crew at the MB Botanical Gardens

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Community Meeting Thursday - 7 pm at Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Join us to stoke the surf vibe in Miami, and learn about the latest in Surfrider promotions and upcoming events. This is your opportunity to share your most recent surf stories and discuss ideas for keeping our oceans, waves and beaches clean and healthy. Surfrider Miami continues to gain RESPECT in Miami Beach, and we we need YOUR support and ideas to keep spreading our message to the peeps. So come out and enjoy a Surfrider night at the Garden with a surf flick and some brews. And bring your crew!!

3 PM,South is clean,longboardable,Knee high,short period lines if you are close. Have fun!

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Wednesday morning update: Sobe showing north swell in the chest high range. Winds are light

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waves around So FL, much bigger up the rd, def tmrw too, call in sick & have fun

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Still a little swell down in SoBe

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Surfed in Cocoa Beach today. Surprisingly 2ndlight was a foot smaller than the streets. It was waist to chest, lumpy and bumpy with dropping winds. Pretty strong north to south rip, too.

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looks clean up the road today, not very big but def fun

Kitesurfer survives shark attack in Delray:

Rod and Jaydog reporting waist to chest and clean , fast lines in Jupiter.

 There have been several cases of Kitesurfers getting bit here in Maui. I read an article about when they fall it closely resembles birds hitting the water . One guy ended up sticking the kiteboard in the sharks mouth to avoid getting bit (A la Jaws).  Three people died here past six months (all over the world news) but each one had a similarity- high risk. One was a fishing kayaker chummimg and had his foot in the water. Got his leg bit off.  Another was a German girl (remember DGT back in the day)  snorkeling alone near dark in murky water. Third was a skin diver spearfishing with a bag full of bloody fish.   All were tigers.

Fla is shark bite capitol of the world but mostly just that -nips. Except for the occasional Bully shark  .

Fairly good chance of refracto surf late today into tomorrow. Very good chance of Kickback swell from a nice low next week starting Tuesday. Spring is in the air

Let the games begin. What do you guys think about tomorrow here in South Beach with forecasted winds?

Could be worth a check in the am, Some strong winds out there . Maybe be a bit too NNW  . By Pm Winds will switch around onshore.

Kinda a shame the winds will be onshore the next few days. It will mask a nice kickback swell arriving Thursday.  Winds go light and Southerly by the weekend but the swell will be mostly sayonara.  More action next week keeping spring time interesting

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Sobe was mostly offshore at dawn and was heading more Northerly as the morning progressed. Swell was showing but sorta crossed up and not hitting all that well. Still, waves in the waist to stomach high range.

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I surfed Satellite Beach this morning and it was waist to chest with breezy South winds. Kinda offshore, and not too drifty, but the fuller tide made it lumpy and I only caught two decent rides. The rest were just fun drops. Now it's offshore here, but the thunderstorms are coming.


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