Currently, it's 5:38 pm Thu May 24 2018 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Surf Forecast 2-25-2014

Forecast bradswells

Flat. Friggin Flat.

It's nice out, but man, oh man, is it flat... Not much to report for the upcoming week in Miami. A small NE swell should arrive on Saturday at upcoast spots, but it's not looking too big. Maybe up to chest high at standout spots way up north. Winds look pretty light from a northerly direction.

Winter's not over. Hopefully we get a nice North before the seasonal switch and NE winds...

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worst Winter I remember in 35 years of surfing In SoFlo

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Here are some cool things to do while it's flat:

Sunday, March 2 @ Miami Beach Rowing Center

Paddle a SUP, surfboard, WHATEVER FLOATS. Join the Surfrider Miami team of fierce paddlers. You in? Paddlin' or not, come hang at the Surfrider tent.
Details and link to register here:

Wednesday, March 5th, Miami Beach Cinematheque

Surfrider/ECOMB Cinema Green Climate Change film series featuring Shored Up.
Details here:

Thursday, March 20, 6:45 pm, Miami Beach Botanical Garden
Surfrider Miami Member & Community meeting - short films, 2014 elections, speaker TBA, refreshments served - stay tuned for details.

NOTES: - Mark calendars for Surfrider monthly meeting every 3rd
Thursday of the month (Mar 20, Apr 17, May 15) tentatively at MBBG
- seeking volunteers for action committees
- if not a current member, please join here

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Melbourne areas look to be clean head + this am, too bad wrk gets in the way of fun, hope some of you got on it somewhere

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Some nice NE swell showing on the buoys. Should be pretty good above the Bahama Bank today. Winds aren't forecast to be too strong out of the south/southeast.

ANother swell heading this way for the weekend. Yesterday, models were showing some North swell showing late week. Now, it seems more like a NE. We'll see!

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I've been surfing the last three days in Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach. Satellite was chest to head on Monday with SSW winds at about 10-15 and quite fun. Tuesday it was a foggy and waist high closeouts in the morning in Cocoa Beach. It cleared up to be beautiful but knee to waist at most spots. And this morning it was waist to occasional chest in Satellite with no wind, kind of foggy, and the rising ride killed most of it by 10 a.m., but now the North wind is on it.

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Well, there's a bunch of wind pointed in our direction. Hopefully it lasts long/hard enough to give us a swell down in Miami. Otherwise, looking like a weekend of waves upcoast. Winds are forecast to be north tomorrow, then falling off and becoming easterly. I wouldn't be surprised to see the forecasts to be slightly off with this one, though. Maybe some swell shows early with good winds, or maybe the winds will be lighter/more offshore longer. Keep an eye out.

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firing up the road this am

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head high w/ lots of close outs & fairly clean in the morn yest in SPB but by noon winds picked up a bit & swell faded strangely fast after having so much water moving around in the morn

Dawn patrol in south central PBC was as Zap said with some overhead sets. About 70/30 makable lines holding the size where I went but the drift was killer with all the water moving. It spread the crowd out but limited your time in the right spot.

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In case you were wondering. It's pretty flat right now.

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What, with 20 mph north winds and no waves - 'ever'? Well, at least someone is partying - IWS Deerfield on Friday night -

Rod texts me the other day saying he finally got some waves (In Horrida). Stoked some of you caught the goods.  Looks like a two day swell next week (little kickback one) Out of the NE . Wed/Thurs.  Lightish winds. Mo betta dan Nothing.  Like Shrimpers said it been a really bad year fo SoFlo. Maybe Spring will serve up some goodness.  I'll be headed back to Soflo in April fo a visit.  Hope to get in da watta.  South Beacher by the name of Fat (Some of you know him) visited me in Maui last month. He scored some damn good waves at the local watering hole.

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A little wave at Sobe. A little swell with some windchop. About thigh high or so.


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