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In February 2004 Time Magazine came out with an issue that had the following title:
THE SECRET KILLER – The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMERS and other diseases – What you can do to fight it.
This was one of the biggest selling issues in a long time for the company. In an interview, a spokesman for the company said, “We knew this would be a big seller. Inflammatory conditions have become the number one indication for both prescription and over the counter medications in our country.”  So as you keep reading you probably think that I am going to give you a long explanation on the “evils” of medications and how chiropractic can do as good a job (or even better) at helping get rid of inflammation. Sorry, not the purpose of this newsletter.
Last week I had a patient (a fellow “surfer dude”) come into the office complaining of severe muscle spasm. After his adjustment he asked me “What else should I do?” He was very surprised by my answer when I told him to do nothing, not even stretch.  Let your body heal itself without interfering.
You see, most of the world looks at inflammation as a problem – as something gone wrong that we need to “fix.” I don’t happen to share that view. The truth is that all of the body’s functions – both the pleasant and unpleasant – serve valuable purposes. But, most of us have been raised in the medical mindset and have been taught that things like fever, sweating, muscle spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, production of mucus and phlegm – and inflammation – are all “mistakes” our bodies have made. A little known fact is that whenever your body’s temperature goes up one degree, your heart beats ten times per minute faster. This speeds the removal of toxins and debris, increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and boosts the healing process to a higher level that there would be without the fever. Why then should we try to reduce the fever?
Did you know that a muscle spasm is ALWAYS protective in nature? If a muscle is injured, it contracts (spasms) to keep from being passively stretched too far and tearing more. Whenever a joint is injured, the muscles contract (spasm) to prevent excessive motion in the joint during the healing process. Why then would we want to stop the spasm? Why not just do everything possible to ensure that the brain and body can communicate and provide the good nutrition and rest necessary for healing to occur naturally? This approach allows the body to release the spasm in the right amount at the right time, always providing exactly the correct degree of protection.
Are you aware that inflammation serves some very important functions as well? One of the most important functions of inflammation is that it is one of the initiating steps in what is called the “healing cascade.” This series of chemical reactions is necessary for healing to occur correctly and completely. If you try to stop the first steps through artificial means, you stop the entire healing process! But, your body’s Innate Intelligence knows that healing is necessary, so it starts the initial steps of the healing cascade again – in other words, inflammation returns! Do you know the best way to turn an acute inflammatory condition into a chronic inflammatory condition? Just keep stopping the healing cascade by continually treating the inflammation!
Chiropractic is about helping you MAXIMIZE the expression of Intelligent Life Energy in your body so that you can express your purpose and potential as completely as possible. Inflammation is not the silent killer; it is the silent HEALER.


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