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Coming to FL


I'm a surfer (primarily)/kiteboarder coming to FL in Feb. for an internship in Key Largo. To my dismay i have found that i will be at least an hour and a half away from any surfing but luckily i can work on my kite tricks in flat water. As with any typical first world surf spot, i expect the breaks to be jam packed on the weekends so i will try to schedule my days off during the week. I don't know anything about FL except that the waters are clear and the sets cleaner than TX. If any of you can provide any information about breaks to surf/kite, type of waves they provide, the typical ego of the crowd, culture, travelling, roads, parks, crime, etc. i would really appreciate it. I intend on brining a 5'8 channel islands pod and a 6'3 channel islands eagles wing. I assume this will cover the bases from small and mushy to overhead and barelling, if it won't- please let me know! I also have a longboard and a funboard that i was hoping to keep in TX. Travelling with long boards is not fun and honestly i would rather surf a shorty anyway. Also, how thick should a wetsuit be down there? I have a 2 mm top and 3/2 wetsuit which hardly stands up even in tropical TX winters. Will it be essential to have something thicker in Miami in the winter?

Any information you can provide would be much appreciated!


Hey Chrissy,

I can let you know some info on kite spots etc Keys are a solid place to kite shoot me an email @

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You are coming to Florida... You need a longboard if you intend to surf more than twice a month. You will have more fun. Promise

I agree with Diego_D. You will have more fun on a LB or Funshape for South Fla's weak waves. I have a friend in Texas and he surfs way more than South Floridians .  That Al Merrick Pod may suit you fine.  Generally speaking the crowds in Miami are thick but fairly tolerant as it is a Melting pot.  A good North swell and the waves become very contested.  True North swells are fairly rare.  Bounce swells after strongish NW winds upcoast give good mid period swells . South wind and swells are probably a best bet (especially for South Beach ) which is the closest break to the Keys. On rare occasions Key Biscayne and even the Keys will break (you will need a boat).  North and NorthEast winds give less than desirable results unless you hit up Harbour House (yes I gave it away) but of late its been a zoo on those conditions.  East winds and slight variations of East can serve up anything from dumping slop to fun peaks.  This is a very good site to help you get waves. 


Pete from Hawaii

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Agree bring your LB or fun board as Florida is a LB wave for the most part (Miami actually is not but it seldom breaks so you are better off going upcoast. PBC is just 45 minutes away on the highway so do not get discouraged. February is a good month as cold fronts should bring on some north swells. Window is very small (usually not more than one day) and then onshore winds set in so forget about planning your surf on the days of the week. When it is on you just have to go because it is just not very consistent here. As far as surf spots are concerned you will not get the spots on this site as everyone is and should be protective of the little advantage they have from local knowledge. However, just go to magic seeweed or surfline to get some spots and that should suffice.


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