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Pete in Hawaii Part II

New Thread and pics as the other thread was getting too large.

 Nice advisory level South swell for pics below .  First pic is of La Perouse,  a South swell magnet spot.  Bigger sets were easliy double over head plus and just pitching. First wave I felt like I was at Pipe and tried to stuff it down the throat of an extra meaty one.  Unfortunately for me the wave had another idea and welcomed me with a ride over the falls.   After I paid the price of admission I made every wave after that.  Cool thing is you have to hike in 1/2 hour down a Lava rock path and few peeps care to bother (Not to mention the wave is pretty heavy).  Traded waves with two others. A real treat.


Here is another view of La Perouse from the graveyard .







This is another spot nearby called Dumps or Ahihi bay.  Much more playfull than La Perouse but still mean at low tide. Better not take the wave all the way in either.  If not you will end up on dry and very sharp lava rock. 



Here is a pic of my new ride , an all wheel drive Suby Forester. Perfect Surf Mobile


Yo Pete, great looking spot. nice to know that there are so many spots, some with just a few guys out. People must be spoiled over there.....Love the ride, perfect car for the island....

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Its unbelievable, every week there's a swell. Sad fact I came at a good time when the South swells still kick in but will be gone soon.  The NW swells (which unfortunely are mostly blocked by the island of Molokai ) are coming soon. NNW , N , NE and we are in Business.  I'm getting pretty dialed but haven't figured everything out yet.  Its a whole  nother ballgame out here.  Waves often don't  correlate with the bouys?   Everyone surfs here so you have to get up early (My forte). I'm up at 4:45 everyday and go to sleep early. In the water around 5:30-5:45 am.  Its a healthy lifestyle.

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peace and progress!

Oh yea, this is today . Try this one for negativity Wyatt.

Bread and butter , this is my everyday go to spot called Lahaina Breakwall. Super fun long left.  Maneuvers galore.  The right is across the boat channel called Lahaina Harbor. You can paddle between the two in 5 min and no you won't get run over by a boat like at the channels back home.  I surfed both today.




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peace and progress!

Very nice N/NE swell setting up for next week. Hopefully Honolua will fire . I'll be adding more pics soon

Two days without surfing earlier this week . Seemed like an eternity.  Finally got some waves. Nothing big but pretty fun. You can almost get more waves when its smaller since the crowds are home (Or at work).  Next week some bigger waves



Started the day with a cool moonset at sunrise


Today the surf came up considerably. Honolua was good not great. Too much NE in the swell and the period was low (10-11 sec). Thus giving shorter rides with less power.  

Went a bit further South (actually a place within walking ditance from where I live- Napili). Surfed a gnarly spot. Wave is really fun and not hard . You can do maneuvers galore. Problem is if you fall you run the risk of getting placed right on the rocks/reef as its a little point and the wave breaks just a few feet from the rocks and the smaller waves end up on top of the rocks (you have to kick out before). It was well overhead in the am when I surfed. The pm I went back to take pics but it also dropped. Still , you can see a little bit what this wave is all about. I plan to surf it  more often.

       That last pic is of my arm , reef rash from last week.

Here is another pic of the wave and some others of the north coast





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All those spots look like a ton of fun! Truly beautiful Pete- man the surf gods did REALLY shine on you. Love the early morning routine- don't know how you can even think at work after surfing every morning but I do know you must have a constant smile on your face. Very enviuos but happy for you. All is well here- activity on this site has dropped off since you split- just a fact and a tribute to all the work you did here-just a lot of work even when there was nothing on the horizon. Not complaining- just acknowledging all the work you put in. looks like we have a little something this weekend here- probably flat conditions to you but shoulder + in PBC and clean tomorrow. Keep sending the pictures. I love all the spots- seems like waves break everywhere- reminds me a bit of Bali in terms of so many spots and wave variety. I AM FREAKING JELOUS.

Thanks Xavi,  You truly are a great person. I'll never forget the time you graciously welcomed Alna and I to your Bali compound.  Hawaii is almost like Bali . So many cool people and just a great vibe.  When you express positive vibes and good karma it comes back to you. I'm feeling the Mana here in Maui and setting roots in the community.

I do miss certain things about back home in Soflo (like the large base of friends and family)

 More pics coming soon

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Yeah- love all those spots. Have not looked at your other thread because I have been too busy but al the spots above look awesome and some very playfully so (put me in the playful variety). Just looks awesome little bowls out of nowhere and beautiful breaks everywhere with volcanoes in background - just spectacular. Never been there but I swear these pictures really reminded me of Bali beyond the well known breaks. Ok keep those pictures coming and I will keep salivating. Love the little spots of the map-those are always my favorites! Just soul surfing!

Bro... You must be in heaven!
Keep the pics coming ..
You are an inspiration! .. Lucky fuxxer ; D

SUPJose , I love that Lost RNF you sold me . Put it to good use out here.  Thanks Bra



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So it didn't take Rod long to cackle me.

Where the FREAKEN picts you DUBBA!

peace and progress!


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