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Currently, it's 6:20 am Sat Oct 1 2016 in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida

Hurricane Matthew

Updated: 5am EDT Sat Oct 1 2016
Wind: 154 MPH | Location: 13.3N 72.8W | Movement: W
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Forecast Pete

Waves coming

I've been eyeing this storm for days now and feel confident saying this may be the swell maker we have been waiting for this season . All Model tracks have Mathew Heading North and staying just East of us off the bahama bank. If everything goes as planned we will be in the swell mode next Wednesday . South Fla shoudl wake up and fire . Results may vary. Feel free to chime in . I know this site is nowhere near what it used to be but damn " dis is a real potential swell maker" .

Plug Pete


Just wanted to let the Dade surf community know that Tony Bird has passed . We lose another South Beach local . He was a great guy, awesome surfer with super smooth style . Kinda reminded me of Parko.  Don't know the details but i know he left a family . Will try to post some pics here . Please chime in if you knew him.

On another note there should be some SE swellage above the Bahama blockage later on this week. Nothing major but something for those that care to travel North to find a wave.  

Plug crsurf

Surfrider Movie Nights!

Forecast Pete

Hurricane surf coming to a beach near you

Pete here doing a rare appearance . Could'nt help but look at the East coast models for Hermine . Things look good for a sharp angled NNE swell arriving Tuesday . This one looks like it might have enought North in it to wake up South beach from the slumber party.  The only downer is the onshore winds forcast (at least it might be pretty lightish in the early am) . Good chance it will stick around till Wednesday and pau (gone) by Thursday as the fetch moves out.   I grew up surfing South and hurricane surf .  Wish I could be there for this event . Can't complain tho, Just had a near miss with a large cane here in Hawaii (Lester the molester) . It passed as a strong Cat 2 and missed us by a hair . Big east swell . Fun. Hope you kiddies get sum.


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from: Sat 01 Oct 16 06:00 am
Spot st. augustine
canaveral east
ft. pierce
lake worth
fowey rocks
Wed 19 Feb 14 07:00 am
Observation is 22918 hours old
Sat 01 Oct 16 05:00 am
Sat 20 Aug 16 10:00 am
Observation is 1004 hours old
Sat 01 Oct 16 06:00 am
Sat 01 Oct 16 05:00 am
Sat 01 Oct 16 06:00 am
Wind ----S (170)
@ 5.9 kt
----n/a (n/a)
@ -- kt
SW (240)
@ 6.1 kt
NE (40)
@ 16.1 kt
Atmp/SST ----81.3 F/84 F----n/a F/84.2 Fn/a F/n/a F77.5 F/84 F
Significant Waves ----------1.3 ft @ 10 sec----
Wind Waves ----1 ft @ 4 sec----1.3 ft @ 9.9 sec----
Swell ----1.3 ft @ 8.3 sec----0.7 ft @ 10.5 sec----
from: 527 am edt sat oct 1 2016
Synopsis: .... the weekend will see fair conditions for the south florida coastal waters, with the exception of showers and thunderstorms that may affect portions of the area, especially closer to the shoreline. the beginning of next week will see conditions deteriorate with the approach of hurricane matthew. seas are forecast to build significantly by tuesday evening, with hazardous conditions persisting for much of the week. .gulf stream hazards...none through the weekend. deteriorating conditions are expected beginning tuesday with hazardous seas and winds possible continuing through most of the week. the approximate location of the west wall of the gulf stream as of sep 29, 2016 at 1200 utc... 9 nautical miles east of fowey rocks. 16 nautical miles east southeast of port everglades. 11 nautical miles east northeast of lake worth. 7 nautical miles east of jupiter inlet. this data courtesy of the naval oceanographic office.
__/(__/(__/(__( today tonight sunday sunday night
windeast northeast 10 to 15 knotseast 10 to 15 knotseast 10 to 15 knotseast 10 to 15 knots
seas 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft 2 to 3 ft


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