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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of some topics that should enchance your Dade County Surf Forecast experience:
1. Does Miami really get surf?
2. The WW3 wave model images are not updated, or I don't see something I should?
3. How do I post Photos to the Gallery?
4. How do I add photos inline to my comment/forum post?

5. Why was my account blocked/deleted? Answers:

1. Yes, and its pretty crazy you should ask this, since when its working, you'll have over 200 people in the lineup over 3 or sometimes 4 peaks at South. The surf cell phone network has been perfected in Miami. Surfline and other people have tried to accurately report and forecast conditions here, but few ever get it right. Most surf in Miami is generated by local winds, and its an inevitability that occasionally you will be surfing 5 sec period waves in 25 knot winds and enjoying the hell out of it. When cold fronts are aligned on the right angle and move slow enough, South Beach will throw out some incredible A frames with very hollow sections. Throw in 75 deg water and 80 deg air and some topless celebrities on the beach and you've got surfing in Miami.

2. Most problems with the old images showing up or no images showing up are usually due to a full browser cache. You should empty it. Please see this site for more better info: A quicker fix that usually works is to hold shift and hit reload.

3. In order to post a gallery to the Dade County Surf Forecast Gallery, first contact tc so he can set up access for you. Next log in to DCSF and navigate to the Photo Gallery. Next click on "Edit" at the bottom of the screen. Next, click on Add Album and fill in the form and click "Create". Next, click on "Add Items" and choose a way to add your photos. Note that any pornographic images will result in you being banned for life. Uploading copyrighted images not belonging to you will also result in an account suspension.

4. To add a photo to your comment, click on the image button on the bottom toolbar of the editor (add screenshot) to bring up the "Insert Image" popup (you may need to disable any popup blockers for your browser). Next, click on the box to the right of the "Image URL" line. This will open up another popup, which shows your user files. Click on the bottom button "Browse" to find local files to upload. When one is chosen, click "Upload". Now your file should appear in the top window. Click on the file you wish to add, and click "Add" to the right of that file. This will close the image browser popup and add the file to the "Insert Image" popup. Finally, click "Insert" to add the file to your post. Note that the images will be scaled to a maximum size of 500x500px. Also, ny pornographic images will result in you being banned for life. Uploading copyrighted images not belonging to you will also result in an account suspension.

5. If you spam the site you will be blocked, and I'll send a nasty email to where ever your email address is hosted. Oooohhh scary. No really, it's easy for us to id the spammers to the site and you will be banished. Also, from time to time I will delete inactive users accounts. If you have posted a comment or some content, but haven't logged in for a long time, you will be spared. Otherwise, just make another account.


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